Sunday, October 31, 2010

Off my Head

Well I started today feeling a tad under the weather still and this did not improve after a visit to the local supermarket and having to top up the fun cruisers seemingly bottomless fuel tank in the same trip, not a happy bunny indeed.

Deciding that I was not up to anymore activity today and hoping to allow my wallet at least time to recover long enough that it could be taken off the oxygen supply, I headed home planning to unpack and then unwind. We’d just unloaded the contents of the boot into the house and we’re preparing to put away and then settle down to a sausage butty and steaming mug of tea when ‘Bing Bong’ the bleedin’ doorbell shrills out its merry call. “Who the hell is this now” I grumbled as I snatched open the door (told you that I’m not a people person), the combination of not feeling so pucker, shopping (argghhhh I hate shopping) and a bank account in ER just after payday was not letting my light and fluffy side shine to brightly. There on the doorstep (well, now taking a couple of steps backwards) was Wayne, brother in law and owner of Celt. “Apples?” he says, “what?” I growl, “Cider?” he whimpers forlornly clutching a large bag of apples. Ah the penny drops, just a couple of days ago Wayne had stated that he might be able to get hold of some windfalls and could I weave my magic and turn them into cider to which I’d agreed to willingly, well it beats him drinking mine and besides I just love the whole process of this cider making malarkey. “Come in. come in” I beam jovially ushering him inside, “sausage butty? tea?” I enquire (Wayne never says no, I may has well just put the plate and mug down in front of him). Clare gives us one of those old fashioned looks at which she’s so good at, “guess I’ll be putting the shopping away then” she states, “if you insist” I call over me shoulder as me and Wayne hotfoot it to my inner sanctum of tranquillity, the garage.

Now I’ve been through the process before with you all so I’ll not be boring you with detail, suffice to say that a grand time was had by all, including Clare who turned up in the last serene outpost known to mankind with a fresh brew in hand and then proceeded to get fully immersed in the production of some golden liquor for Wayne (well ok it looks like effluent at first but it does become golden…. Eventually…… trust me!!). So I’ll just post a few pictures instead.

The best thing though was in exchange for said cider, Wayne's missus, Linda, will soon be preparing pickles so guess who’s getting a couple of jars heading towards his clammy hands?

Afterwards once Wayne had departed clutching his gallon of treasure (bet he’s tempted to try it before it’s ready) the day caught up to me and I had to have a stretch out on the sofa, really was not feeling myself…..

I was fine until a demonic hound, who smells of dank decay descended from the misty moors and then decided to give my old bones a going over…

OK so Lucy'd slithered of the bed and was now demanding some attention.

Hope that you enjoyed today, I’ll have to retire soon as there’s such an eerie feeling about this evening…

Happy Halloween all….

Your friend,



James A. Zachary Jr. said...

Happy Halloween to you and the Bog Monster!

Gorges Smythe said...

I remember the last time that my family got together and made cider in a big way. There were uncles, aunts, cousins, parents and grandparents. We put bushels and bushels of apples through the double tub press (one for catching the chopped apples from the cranked chopper, while someone else was cranking down the press with a long pole). We had scads of relatives and hundreds of yellow-jackets. We had to move slow at times so we wouldn't aggitate the little buggers and get stung. Alas, those days are gone.

Celt looks cute!

Anonymous said...

I am thinking that some hot Apple Cider would do both you and me some good about right now.

Beware of the evening and all it holds!

Wolfy said...

Looks like you're having a ball with the "Cider making process". Looks like fun - enjoy the fruits of your labor

Le Loup said...

I hope the Jack-o-lantern kept the bad spirits away.

Murphyfish said...

Thank you my man.

Mr. Smythe,
Even though this was the smallest of gatherings and a production system dwarfed by the one you describe, the afternoon was enjoyable and strengthened ties. Oh and Celt is a looker, ‘bout time I posted an update on the little tinker.

‘Hot apple cider’? tis not something familiar to me, I’ll have to be looking that one up my man (unless you care to share some more details that is?)

Indeed fun was had bt all, be a while before the fruits are enjoyed though!

Only the bad ones though, not all ‘spirits’ are bad eh?

Regards to you all,

Shoreman said...

Hi John. It's early Monday morning and I enjoy reading your posts in the morning with a cup of coffee. So I'll just say Happy Halloween, a little late.

Murphyfish said...

Late is better than never my man, glad that your still enjoying the blurb.....

Damn The Broccoli said...

Me and the Daughter bottled up our haul the other day, it is now sat happily maturing in the cupbaord upstairs.

Not so much joy on the last batch of beer though which stalled, refused all atempts at restarting then had to be tipped out as it was bad. Damnit. 20£ and 40 pints wasted there then, oh the humanity.

As always, love your writing style. It always raises a smile with me and I have to say that last picture made me think of Trapdoor for some reason!

Murphyfish said...

Hey Damn,
Glad your still in the land of the living my man, 40 pints wasted - bugger that must of hurt! Glad that you can still raise a smile though, Trapdoor eh, now that is a blast from the past....
Oh Oh nearly forgot sloe gin tomorrow
(trying sloe vodka as well)
Take care,

moschops said...

Trapdoor! Thanks - Will add it to the list of things to show to my class - I am educating them in the ways of television from (and I quote) "the olden days"...

Celt is lovely (not as beautiful as Lucy though)
hope the cider turns out well.

Hunt Like You're Hungry said...

Well done!

Murphyfish said...

'the olden days....' oh my aching bones Moschops. Celt has reached his full height now and has turned into a really handsome dog - update soon I think. Thanks for dropping by.

Murphyfish said...

Thanks for dropping by me dear, hope that you'll find my ramblings interesting enough to come by again.