Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Heads up for the OBN

Just the swiftest of posts here (more of me own rambleings hopefully this afternoon, but time waits for no man blah blah…..) to highlight something that be stirring upon ‘tother side of the pond and which is spreading its tentacles far and wide. What manner of monster be this I hear ye plead as ye quack in yer boots?
Well the answer is nothing more sinister than a new endeavour started and fuelled by two excellent bloggers Joe and Rebecca. Both already exceptional writers of the outdoors they have now pooled their resources and produced a new meeting place for people who enjoy the outdoors, whether it be hunting, fishing, walking, wild camping, kit reviews, well just about anything outdoors. The beauty of this venture is that it’ll be driven by outdoor loving folk so the direction it takes will be governed largely by what input its supporters put in. It’s an exciting concept and something that will soon become a must for those of us who just want to ‘get out there’.
The name of the beast? It’s the Outdoor Blogger Network (OBN), so go on give it a try, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea but with enough input and support I’m positive that it’ll develop into something essential.

Outdoor Blogger Network


Shoreman said...

Morning John. That'd be morning in California. I see David McKenzie (another California boy) is your
80th follower. Congratulations. I know it always astounds you that so many people follow your blog, but we do love what you write. Keep up the good work, my friend.


Wolfy said...

John - How bad can we be if YOU were chosen as one of initial "Featured Bloggers" !

Or - maybe that IS an indictment of how lost we really are!!

Hmmm - time will tell.

Thanks for the call-out


Murphyfish said...

Evening Mark,
Time does fly, and your right, astounded is absolutely how I feel when I see the numbers of followers and the kind words that they leave in their comments. For this grease monkey it has been a real eye opener and I cannot ever express the gratitude that I feel towards you all.

Hi Wolfy,
Mmmm time will tell indeed but apart from my ever present doubts about my own efforts with Rebecca and your good self at the helm my friend I am certain that the OBN is destined for great things.

Regards to you both,


Le Loup said...

Thanks John, I will check it out.