Thursday, November 4, 2010

The best trial companion in the world...ever

OK, so here I am scoffing a quick bacon butty and my morning fix of copious quantity's of tea, just skirting through the latest updates from my electronic world wide  friends before hitting the trials when Joe n Rebecca from the OBN ask for our favourite photo of our four legged trial companions, well how could I resist? I've taken so many pictures of her on the trails this past year (bloody hell how the time flies!) and I'm sure that many of you could pick out your own favourite for differing reasons. As for me there are two pictures that stand out, not because of quality or photographic skill (that'll be the day!) but because of what they say to me:

This one just shows old stinky doing what she does best, with her look that says "come on, there's much more detritus filled ditches to immerse myself into before we turn for home". It just seems to convey her joy at being 'out there' along side of yours truly.

And this picture, kind of bitter sweet as it shows her age is creeping up upon her and yet it also shows how content she really is.

So that's the 'bog monsters' contribution to the OBN, and now she's nudging me as I type so I guess it's time to hit them there trials and looking out of the window it's looking as blustery as hell, way hey....

Your friends,

John, and of course Lucy


Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

ADORABLE!!! Such a sweet and loving head on her mucky body. Just the way a perfect doggy companion should be.

Basil sends her some licks and sniffs. xxx

BeMistified said...

She is just freaking awesome. I ♥ the white around her mouth, makes me laugh.

Shoreman said...

Lucy is a great pal, stinky as she is some times.


moschops said...

Bacon butties. Yum!...the main reason I am not veggie...

She is one happy dog!

megan x

Murphyfish said...

Hi Claire,
I wouldn’t have her any other way; she’s certainly a one off.

“freaking awesome” eh? Well I could not have described her any better, thanks for the comment.

Stinky sometimes? Oh if you only knew…..

Hi Megan,
With food like this being a veggie should be a criminal offence ;-).

To all, though blushing deeply Lucy says thank you for the very kind words, slobbers n sniffs all round.

Mel said...

John, needless to say, I love following your blog and reading about you and the "Bog Monster". You and Lucy are a team, and, one should not be without the other.

Murphyfish said...

Hi Mel,
I've tried the trials without her in an attempt to photograph the furry critters that I only see from afar, but it just does not feel right somehow.

Rebecca said...

She looks well loved, (not stinky at all from my side of the computer screen) and you're right, content. Thank you for sharing her with us all. I look forward to reading about more of you two's adventures.

knapperbill said...

She looks like a good ole girl! I know what you mean about the bitter sweetness of age. I've got one getting pretty gray too, but she still bounds around like pup.


Murphyfish said...

Hey Bill,
Mmmm 'good ole girl' covers the bases I think. She is starting to slow a tad ('bout time too!) Cheers for dropping by.