Thursday, August 18, 2011

For Harry...

            Way back in April I posted a short, and for me, a rare serious piece concerning a then relatively new blogging friend, Rachel. The response to this post was heart warming to say the least and I believe that it had the desired affect of bringing some little comfort to her and her family after the bombshell that had hit them concerning Little Harry.

            Since that post to say that Harry and his family has ‘been through the mill’, would be the biggest understatement since King Harold said “those bloody Normans are going to have somebody’s eye out today..”  Excuse my style of writing (if that’s what it may be called) but you all know that even in the most serious of times a little humour I may let slip.

            I’ll use Rachel’s words to for the next bit;-

“has got a big ask to you all…..not everyone knows, but beautiful little Harry, who I delivered with a little help from my sister, Lisa, is fighting for his darling little life against cancer so please, please, PLEASE support my wonderful daughter, Chloe, who has organised a fundraiser to raise money for the wonderful Macmillan Team who are helping us all.”

            The link is here my friends;-

            For Harry.

            I’ll also try to pin it upon me side bar (that may well take me some time and head scratching).

            I’ll leave the rest to you my blogging friends, whether you wish to help by donating or just by spreading the word. For me, I’m not a charitable person but sometimes, just sometimes, life hits a nerve with me and the impulse to help is overwhelming. So come on ya crusty ol’ buggers, do something to feel good about, and spread the word.

Your friend,



John Gray said...

you are becomming a big soft pudding johno!x

Murphyfish said...

It's them there damnable chickens I tell you....

Wolfy said...


Your post motivated me to do something I've been meaning to do, but haven't gotten around to. I've done some charity auctions on eBay with excess stuff of mine before, and I think I'll start a few more.


Murphyfish said...

Send me a link when you do Joe, always in for some of your stuff ;o)

Kath said...

Anyone who loves animals the way you do, must be a compassionate person John. Well done for bringing this to our attention.