Monday, December 13, 2010


I have tried writing this post over and over but whichever way I try the words do not in anyway describe the inner turmoil and emotions twisting my stomach into knots this evening. So I’ll just lay down the facts and that will have to suffice;

Tomorrow Lucy, after a few days of illness, is been taken to the vets for a third examination within a week upon a ‘thickening/growth’ in her abdomen. This will determine if a steroid injection has made any change or whether an operation will be required to determine what action (if possible) may be taken. We are hoping for the best although it’s difficult with this cloud above us.

I hope that you’ll all understand if I give the blog a miss for a while, just finding that, without the wind in my sails, it’s losing its relevance and that writing is neigh on impossible..




Le Loup said...

Totally understandable John.
My best wishes for a good result.
Regards, Keith.

Little Messy Missy said...

I wish her well. So sorry.

Karl said...


I wish you and Lucy the best tomorrow. I hope all goes well...We'll be keeping Lucy in our thoughts.


BeMistified said...

omg I am so sorry to hear about Lucy. Well wishes are being sent out this way. Her pictures bring a smile to my face and soul.

Leigh said...

I will keep dear Lucy in my thoughts hun. Hope she fairs well.
All the Best,

Bob Mc said...

So sorry John. All we can do is hope for the best. Most of us know how you feel. We've been there too.

2 Tramps said...

We are with you - sending heartfelt thoughts and caring to you and yours at this difficult time. I have so loved your "bog monster" from afar and understand far to well about times like these. Hugs to all of you, especially dear Lucy.

Bill said...

Very sorry to hear this John. Hope Lucy will be ok. Anybody who's had a dog they love knows they're far more than just a pet. Hope all turns out well.

Clif said...

Dog lovers everywhere have a tear in their eye.

I'm pulling for you Lucy.

Karen Thomason/Gordon Setter Crossing said...

John, I am sorry to hear Lucy is sick. I Pray whatever it is, it can be dissolved or removed safely. Try to keep your head up, for Lucy's sake. Hang in there. I'll be thinking of you both, my friends. Waiting, however long, to hear she is okay.

Anonymous said...

Please know that I am thinking of you both and hoping that the results from the vet will be good ones.

Hang in there you two.
We're all rootin' for ya!


moschops said...

So sorry to hear Lucy is unwell. Here's hoping for good news tomorrow!
Thinking of you. (and Coco has her paws crossed for Lucy) xx

Jennifer Montero said...

We're all thinking of you. Vets can do so much these days. Give her a pat from us.


John Gray said...

been there myself several times john

kiss her, and hug her and llok after yourself...
only a dopg owner knows what you are going through

manly hugs

Dog Hair in my Coffee said...

Most of us here are not only dog lovers, but particularly "bog monster lovers" as well. We will all be keeping you and Lucy in our thoughts and prayers until you can come back and let us know how you both are faring. I pray it goes well for her, and you.
Have been there, will be there again. It is a terrible place and time to be. We are there with you.

Diane-Sage Whiteowl said...

You & Lucy have a lot of friends that cares...count me in too!