Thursday, December 2, 2010

Between shifts

As most of you know I spend considerable time lamented ‘the grind’. Well nothing has changed there but just to explain ‘the grind’ consists of two 12 hour day shifts, 6am to 6pm. Which are then followed by two 12 hour night (ghost) shifts, 6pm to 6am. Then, according to the arse holes above er powers that be, 4 days off. Now I’ve tried telling them that finishing at 6am and then not getting home till 7am on the firsts of these does not really constitute a day off but ‘cause they don’t have to do this rota they don’t give a rat’s arse. Coupled to the fact that there is no way that this rota allows your body to get in any sort of rhythm, you know eating, sleeping, going to the toilet and that for the first couple of days off you feel like crap you may now kin while I’m not keen upon the grind (apart from the idiots in charge).

But this is slightly off tangent (again) and the real purpose of the post is to show you a couple of pictures from today’s walk ‘between shifts’. The walk was down at loggerheads, along side the river Alyn, not to far to travel. It’s a good place in the week when there are few people around, just to stretch the legs and clear the mind, and also get rid of a certain individual’s pent up energy.

Really fortunate this time as I managed to witness two adult buzzards feeding a juvenile (poor pictures – right at the range of my camera),  and a robin who managed to literally get under foot in his quest for anything my size eights may have churned from the snow.

On the way home I managed to spot a Curlew flying along side a hedge as we neared home, tis been over twenty years since I’ve seen one (sorry no picture).

Right now I’m going to tuck into a cider, apple and pork casserole that I’ve had bubbling away whilst out (must leave some for Clare), and then off to the first of the ghost shifts. But you know what? I really don’t mind, it’s on days like these that silver lining is a damn site bigger than its cloud.

Till next time,


Leigh said...

Stay warm between shifts looks mighty cold!

Damn The Broccoli said...

That log is amazing. Made me think of a white whale just about to land back in the water after a jump.

Ahab must be close behind.

I used to do alternating 6-6's week on week so 5 of one, weekend off five of the other. Really screwed my system something rotten.

Wouldn't do it again unless it was for myself.

Bob Mc said...

To some extent I know what you are talking about John. Years ago I worked a job with a rotating day off. I always had Sunday off. Week 1, I had Sunday and Monday off. The next week it was Sunday and Tuesday, and so on. Every time it fell on a Friday I had a 3 day weekend; Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Then it would start all over again. The only trouble was no one I knew had a similar schedule; so the result was that I did most things by myself. Still do, so something must have stuck. :)

Wolfy said...

Great post as usual, John. I really like the photos - it seems every photo you see is the vibrant blue sky or multi-hued senset, but there is a lot of character going on during a gray, overcast day.

btw - a cider, apple, and pork casserole sounds perfect right about now!!


Shoreman said...

I wasn't aware of the shifts you work were like that. I don't know how you do it. I've worked a lot of different shifts in my time, but a 6 to 6 day, then night has got to be a killer. In all the shifts I worked, I did 7pm to 7am for a period of time and that just about broke me. I admire the fact that you do it on a constant basis. I'm speechless.


Diane-Sage Whiteowl said...

If I am seeing your first pic right is that drift wood or an upside down mammal?
Great pics...I wish I had a camera and an eye for taking them.

Stephanie and Dustin said...

The picture of the log is wild. The imagination can just sore with possibilities. Good eye! Those work hours are not for the faint of heart, kudos my friend. -stephanie

Murphyfish said...

Tis bad enough trying to stay warm on shift with our ‘Victorian’ owner’s ethics, I’ll just doff me cap to em one more and hope for some more…. Between shifts? Ah snug as a bug in a rug.

Eh Up Damn,
The log picture is my favourite of this little lot, the white whale just called to me…Ah last ghost shift of the rota tonight then time to get system back upon an even keel.

Hi Bob,
Same problem here – social life suffers but allows plenty of time alone out there, swings n roundabouts I guess.

Hey Joe,
Have to admit it’s the stormy skies that I love more, there’s more life in them, oh the casserole – absolutely delicious, even if I do say so myself.

Hi Mark,
I guess it’s a case of needs must when the devil drives, putting food on the table and a roof over our heads takes priority over everything else I guess, even my sanity and bodily functions!

Hello Diane-Sage,
Tis a piece of wood me dear, but imagination allows it to be so much more. I’m enjoying the picture side of blogging more and more and I’m glad that they are starting to please folk.

Hello Stephanie,
Welcome to my humble scribing, I hope that this will be one of many visits me dear.

To all, once again many thanks for you more than kind words, warms the heart in this bitter weather.

Mel said...

Hi John, speaking of work I have been a a bit overwhelmed myself lately. Looks like I am a ways behind others comments here. Really enjoyed your pictures. Brings the walk home to all of your readers wherever they are. I have to say that the first picture of the wood, I immediately imagined a Salmon or Steelhead frozen in place. Tripped my trigger!

Murphyfish said...

Hi Mel,
Late or not your comments are always welcome my good man, that first picture is one of those you stumble across know and then and think wow that's made the walk a tad special.

John Gray said...

what DO you do john?

Casey said...

It's nice to get out whenever! I myself, feel trapped at home with all of the lead flying around the woods this weekend. Better safe than sorry though - or maybe I should join the pack. Yeah right!

Nice pics, John. Got some critters this outing.

Murphyfish said...

Hi John G.,
Just a grease monkey at Calypso, down on the Wrexham ind. est.

Hey Casey,
Me thinks that keeping your head down seems the smart option with all the weekend warriors and their mantra "if it moves shoot it, if it don't move then shoot it till it does, if unsure shoot it anyway", around your neck of the woods at this time.
Good to get some critters on display, hoping for more tomorrow (hopefully)

All the best,

Murphyfish said...

By the way, love the new id photo of you and trapper.

Albert A Rasch said...

Nice shots Murph. I do like the fat little Robin!

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John Gray said...

no one is JUST anything!!!!
keep warm!x

Murphyfish said...

Cheers Albert, he is kind of rotund isn't he?

Thank you John G. I'll try and remember that.

Doug said...

Thanks for posting the buzzard pictures - it looks a lot like a red tailed hawk (buzzard) from the pics. I was wondering what it was.

Cider and casserole sounds wonderful.

Murphyfish said...

A pleasure Doug, glad that you enjoyed them, and the casserole did not disappoint..