Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring's Herald...

It would seem that spring is finally sprung, well at least there some small signs of a breakthrough here. It was whilst walking along the trials around Moel Famau t’other day that spring gave me a little tentative nudge to say “high honey I’m home”, or will be pretty damn soon. Amphibians, that’s what the nudge was good folk, amphibians indeed. It does seem that the little blighters are becoming a regular feature of my recent postings lately.

But I digress there was not just the amphibians that were heralding the imminent arrival of spring and her long awaited release from the gloomy winter evenings. As I’ve already mentioned that little scamp Willow is coming on in leaps and bounds and we’re travelling further and further upon the trails, revisiting areas long missed. Indeed my slowly diminishing waistline is giving testament to the distances now covered and soon it’ll be time to dust off the old rucksack as demands for these increasingly longer walks require more thought and provisions.

So it was upon our latest, extended, walk that the signs of spring are slowly becoming more evident. There is a different taste to the air, somehow fresher and cleaner. The temperatures have not increased dramatically (there was a frost last night) but I’m already finding that my winter coat is upon the edge of been discarded till late autumn comes around once more, in fact I think another few weeks and the walking boots will join it in favour of me ol’ desert wellies! There are signs that the trees are rising from their long slumber and the bird life upon the trails is becoming more frantic as thoughts turn from survival to nest building and mating. The days are becoming longer with the increased hours of light enabling us the travel even further, although as the days extend there seems to more and more for me to do around the home, plotting to contain the wanderlust that is in my heart. Ah the signs are there right enough although there may still be a sting in winters trail before his departure has truly happened.

So all that is left for my is to share with some pictures of the trial with you and hope that spring is brightening your day where ever you are;

And what of the amphibians that I spoke of? Well the little devils are at it far earlier than I can recall in past years, maybe we’re in for a long hot summer, time will tell. Also where they were found was considerably higher up the hills than I’ve seen them before, and yes I did manage to take the odd snap;

Till next time, take care.



Jennyta said...

I was thinking much the same thoughts as you when I was out with Paddy this morning, John. If you ignore the lack of leaves in the trees, you could almost believe that it is really and truly spring.

Yvonne Osborne said...

You are further along than we are. The road is muddy, but there was a brisk westerly wind yesterday which required the usual hat, gloves....yuck. All that stuff we're getting sick up. And the ground is still snow-locked. Perhaps March will go out like a good little lamb.

Murphyfish said...

Hi J,
It's a good feeling isn't it me dear.
Where abouts in sunny N.Wales are you?

Well the saying is "in like a loin out like a lamb2 so hopefully spring will be tapping you on the shoulder soon.

Regards to both,

Shoreman said...

Can't wait for spring. Nothing like the frogs singing in the pond, on a nice spring evening.


Frugal Queen said...

Hi Murph - I'm feeling very sorry for myself today, with the remnants of another migraine, whilst I was blanketed on the sofa it was lovely to look outside and see daff buds and croci in flower, also the camelias are flowering - I think spring has sprung

Damn The Broccoli said...

Without wanting to be the misery here I think we are still in for one or two harsh ones yet.

The girlfriend has already spotted blossom on trees around and about which won't survive a hard frost.

Hope I am wrong though as itching to get out in the garden again!

Willow looks like she has come on amazingly in the pictures by the way, something (or someone) must agree with her.

Anonymous said...

For some reason I am really looking forward to warmer weather and all that occurs when the sun is out and signs of outdoor life start anew. Looks like your trusty friend is really going to enjoy your outdoor romps.

Bob Mc said...

The forecast here is nothing but wet all week, either rain or light snow. My main gripe is the darn wind. Feels like it is coming right off the North Pole!

Rachelradiostar said...

Couldn't help think of this caption for your photos! - Not so much as frog's spawn as more Frogs Porn

Not bad, even if I do say so myself for a Wednesday!
I do agree that Spring is here - today I pegged out my washing for the first time this year!

Karen Thomason/Gordon Setter Crossing said...

Ahhhhh....Amphibian Love....It really must be spring after all!

Diane-Sage Whiteowl said...

Spring is popping up its heard here too. Though we are having rain the temps are in the 50's the frogs, toads are having a hay day as well.
Heard a turkey calling out as well as watching other birds coming back this way. Willow is looking good too!

Le Loup said...

I do love the look of that dog of yours, you can certainly pick a character.

Casey said...

I'm a bit jealous about the frequency of your trips! I am happy for you, though. Nothing like seeing frogs get it on...I've been watching barn owls do the same thing with a live nest box cam. The poor chicks under mom! Must be trying for a second nest!

Murphyfish said...

Hi Mark,
Ah days to look forward to indeed my good man.

Hey Froogs,
I truly hope that you’re feeling better soon, hopefully the sprunging of spring well aid your recovery me dear.

Eh up Damn,
Or should I say ‘ol’ misery guts’? Mind you, your words proved to be a harbinger of doom my friend; -2 here early hours and a pea souper to boot! It may well be a tad longer before our gardens make their full demands upon our time my friend. Something is definitely agreeing with the little scamp, must be the Welsh air.

Hello Mel,
I hear you on that one my friend, at the moment there’s just an inkling of what’s to come – roll on summer time. Romps is the perfect word for the little scamp, she’s becoming a real mile eater.

Hi Bob,
Rain I can stand to a point, skin is water proof after all, but wind, especially a lazy wind, sometimes manages to lower my enthusiasm for being ‘out there’.

Oh LOL indeed, you are starting to become a necessary evil upon my comment section, keep up the good work me dear. Oh does that mean you haven’t washed this year? Only kidding…..

Hi Karen,
I do think that you’re right me dear, there’s nothing liking bonking frogs to herald springs arrival.

Hello Diane-Sage,
I’m glad that spring is brushing you with her warming touch as well. Warming temps and rain – sounds like amphibian paradise over there. Willow says thank you in a coy like manner…

Hi Keith,
She is certainly developing into somewhat of a character my friend, definitely one with a strong will and mind of her own.

Hey Casey,
I’m sure that you’ll catch up on the numbers of walks my friend, and by your recent pictures on Wandering Owl tis my turn to be jealous – your country side is beautiful. And barn owls, a site that’s very rare these days over here – I’m becoming positively green..

To all,
Once again thank you all to take the time to read and then comment upon my humble scribing, your words and support mean so much. Well till next time, take care my friends.

Gorges Smythe said...

Winter may not be gone, but I think it's stirring to leave.

Murphyfish said...

Indeed Mr. Smythe, I do believe that it's raising his thumb and hitching a lift out of here..

Rachelradiostar said...

Ummmm Necessary evil...O the pressure is on now!

On the Spring time - all my crocus bulbs have opened their purple arms and embraced the sunshine. My Rhubarb is stirring from it's slumber and my blackbirds are flirting heavily on my lawn!

Wolfy said...

Spring thought about coming out in my area - and promptly retreated . It has snowed all day today. Oh well - the only sure is to move, I ghuess

Helene Burnett said...

Angry, angry, angry! Yes, it's spring and Entergy, our power company has sent out the tree killers! Not bad enough they scalped one of the pear trees in the right-of-way again, but this time they snuck in herbicide without telling us. Had I not been in the window at the time I wouldn't have seen them.... We let this land go back to natural for several reasons -- habitat and human forage are primary!

More negotiation to save the dewberries. They don't get much more than 3' high. The power lines are at least 2 storeys up. Fortunately they've agreed to finish with loppers and not spray. Left us a card with name and number to contact them if they destroyed any before we caught them.
Yeah, I know we've got stuff on their right of way, planted by previous owner, but give me a break!