Friday, September 10, 2010

Have you ever tried or are you just a dreamer..........

I received the above title via an E-mail from ‘Damn’, a fellow Britain and ‘all round good egg’, never did quite understand that saying, anyway the guy’s a good un and his blog is well worth a look. The question asked was certainly harmless enough and just referred to comments left on BeMistified’s blog, Neon Green Blathering, with Damn just inquiring as to whether I’d used a long bow or not, well the answer is no but why not is another matter. This simple inquiry struck a chord with myself about basically, perhaps, the fact is I do dream a little to much as to the person I’d like to be and to how I’d like others to think of me. When I think of the past year and of how little I’ve actually achieved considering the plans that I had laid out, it really does feel that I’ve become complacent and lethargic since the year started.
Oh yes I’ve my list of excuses; the operation, the financial loss of a months salary because my tight arsed employers refuse to pay sick pay for said operation, the feeling that I’ve still to regain my strength after the operation (even though it’s fast approaching a year since it happened), a hundred and one chores around the house, the ever spiralling cost of living, the turbo ‘going west’ (another saying I don’t get) on the fun cruiser, the crappy shift rota that I’m on at the moment, oh yes indeed the list goes on and on. But hold on a minute what kind of excuses are they really? After all I’m not the only person on this sphere that has health, money or work worries am I? If I’m truly honest with my self I’ve indulged myself with far too much dreaming this year and way too little doing. I mean to say I’ve hardly touched any projects in the sanctuary of the garage (please, heads bowed whilst mention of that sacred refuge is made), the walking has been steady but one would hardly call it challenging now would they? As for Carpe Diem, she still rests upon her stand untouched and unfettled now for months. It just seems that I’ve let slip the drive and energy that I’d previously enjoyed without even being able to acknowledge this fact, sure I’ve filled my blog with enjoyable enough tales, but there should have been so much more to share with you all! I’ve come to realise that I’ve let myself, my beloved Clare and your good selves down in so many respects this passing year, there simply should just have been more, it’s as simple as that.
With this in mind I’ve revised and compiled a completely new, unabridged, bucket list, I hope you’re ready for the tedium of reading through it all:-

1.     Get off my lardy arse a do a damn sight more.

Ok finished the readings have we? then let’s move on. Having admitted my shortcomings I’ve dived headlong into doing more, rash? of course but hells bells one has to commence as one intends to carry on. First things first, my workmate, and long time ‘trying to get me to sail a boat on my lonesome’ type chap, Captain Jim, has been blathering on at me to restart my crewing and then sailing solo now for some time and also keeps mentioning a two day sailing event upon Windermere up in the lakes next summer.  A quick phone call last night and we’re booked in for said two day camping and sailing jolly (gulp). Taking the plunge with the fun cruiser (notice the word fun’s back) not only has the turbo being replaced but the dreaded MOT has been overcome and new brake pads are winging there way towards me as I type, garage job? oh no way that’s one to be done by my good self. Another workmate, Chunkey Monkey has convinced me to go halves upon a fruit press (please do not tell Clare) so you can guess what we’ll be up to next week.
Mmmmm Cider!

As for the walking, well three trails (two new) in two days, one of which had the sweat pouring from my not so sylph like figure, and one of which was without the bog monster! Now before you all start lambasting me and reporting me to the not so proper authorities, one of the ‘excuses’ for the lack of walking any distance was that Lucy’s getting on in age now a days so I can’t go as far with her. Pah what a load of tosh, if I can learn to sail solo I think that I might just be able to manage to walk solo. Yes, of course I was guilty about leaving her sprawled out in the settee, snoring her bonce off, but there’s only so much walking she can do now and she needs to have breaks in-between.  Below are just a few of the pictures taken of the walks, can you guess which one was without ‘she who sticks of slime’?

I even managed to sneak a couple of hours fishing between walks down at the Mount;

and yes I've even done chores at home, simple things such as setting up the new, ill gotten, composters and plumbed in the water butts, hopefully encourage more and better crops next year in our limited space.

So yes, I had my momentary droop of the head and a wallow in self pity, but that’s not going to achieve anything is it. All there is to be said now is thank you ‘Damn’ for unconsciously bringing to the fore what I’d already known deep down. Oh yes I never did get to learn the long bow (offers anyone?) but in my youth I did at one time use to hunt rabbit (amongst other stuff) upon occasion with a cross bow but that came to a rather swift end with an incident involving some snares, an arse of a poacher and the local constabulary but I think that may well be a tale for another day!

Cheers for reading (that’s if you managed to get this far), and I’ll be sure to write some more soon.

Your friend,



BeMistified said...

John, I am beyond words at this moment. Your post is so inspiring and makes me want to do more! The fish pics are awesome, I ♥ the mushrooms and Lucy looks like she had great fun. I wish you the best of fun on your camping/sailing trip. I am so glad to be a part of your post.

Leigh said...

Ha! You just described me. "Life" happens and its hard to do all the things we are interested in.:)
- Leigh

Shoreman said...

John, you're always fun to read. Just for the record, I've shot a long bow, recurve bow, and I now shoot a compound bow. What at, you ask? Targets. Nothing more.


Le Loup said...

Good post John, and some interesting pics.

Gorges Smythe said...

I've never yet suffered a major operation, but too many years of "working" while sitting on my butt has made me twice the man I used to be, in a decidedly negative sort of way. While marking timber for a sale recently, I found out just how hard it is these days for me to travel the hills that I once hiked with ease. Of late, I've been far too much of an armchair outdoorsman. I, too, need to make a change, but will I?

As for learning about longbows and such, check out the link for "Primitive Archer" on the left side of my blog.

Good photos. Good post. (And take a sip of cider for me!)

Diane-Sage said...

I understand where you are coming from...been there done that and back again. Most of the time I can be my own worst enemy.
Love the pics... and there is always tomorrow1 :-)

Karen Thomason/Gordon Setter Crossing said...

The sailing trip sounds great. Although a ways off, I can't wait to hear about it! To "feel" alive, we must push ourselves to do something that is out of our comfort zone. I went para-sailing once. WAY out of my comfort zone! Scared me to death! Said a prayer while I was waaaaaay up there. Wondered if my time on earth was up. Wondered if I'd land on the beach, or on top of a hotel roof. Wondered if the rope would break and I'd float miles and miles out to sea. But all that "fear" got my heart racing and blood pumping, WOW. What a rush! I was so glad I did it. And so proud for having the courage. Maybe you should try that?!

Anonymous said...

John - I always look forward to your posts and ramblings in your time out of doors. Besides, I find myself resembling often what you speak of in yourself. Glad to see you getting some fishing in, also. Nice looking fish. Carry on, my good man!

Murphyfish said...

Hells teeth, where to start replying to your comments, at the start I guess!

As one of my ‘newer’ friends here on ye ol’ blogosphere it’s nice to know that I’m keeping your interest, and I’m chuffed that your enjoying by ‘off on a tangent’ musings. Thank you so much for your kind words.

It’s true that there never seems to be enough time to achieve all, but in my case, I feel that I should have done so much more this year. Speaking of time to do things, how’s the writing coming along me dear? I seem to have hit a stone wall at the moment and could do with some of your inspiration.

Hey Mark,
I do think that’s one dream I really ought to turn into reality, cheers for dropping by.

It’s always a pleasure to hear from your good self my friend, glad that I’m still entertaining you.

Mr. Smythe,
I’ll be sure check out the link but it’ll 6 months or more before this batch of cider will sampled. I’ve never thought to long about my own mortality and strengths but the time since the operation has been difficult in that it’s brought home the fact that I’ll not be here for an infinite time, something of a wake up call indeed.

Hello Diane-Sage,
I think that my biggest problem of late is that there is always tomorrow to achieve a goal when I should have been making the most of today. I too think that I am my own worst enemy!

Hey Karen,
Your words ring so true, it’s when we escape from a self induced boundary pusher and scare ourselves witless that we feel truly alive with our senses heightened to their max. But Para-sailing mmmmm, that really would be a huge leap of faith for me.

Hey Mel,
Great to hear from you my friend, and yes when reading your own posts I seem to see a little of myself reflected back. Talking of the fish, you should have seen the one that got away…. An old line I know but when pulling a roach in, similar to the one in the top photo, it was taken by a smallish pike – nearly got the bugger into the net but the line parted as it rolled over, ah well them’s the breaks.

To one and all,
Thank you all so much for taking the time to read and to leave your uplifting comments, as always they are truly appreciated.

Your friend,

John Gray said...

great photos!
and bryn is a cracking PROMS host!!!

Murphyfish said...

Amen to that John, Bryn is a true Welsh icon

Damn The Broccoli said...

Why do I get the impression that shortly after that photo of El Boggo galloping across the bridge that you ended up on your arse?

Lucy certainly seems to have a head of steam on her there.

Once again my friend you made me laugh out loud, and whether you meant to or not, got me thinking about my own lack of performance in recent times.

We all start of with great plans and then go sod it and have a cup of tea instead. I msut get back on track if I am to realise my dreams.

Might have to break out the old longbow as well, there's a ghost to bury there.

Excellent work as always Mr Murphy, top class.

Bill said...

To some degree I think we're all guilty of dreaming and not following up. I guess there has to be a dream before you can act on it though? Lord knows I've had a lot of plans that I never followed through with. I guess life gets in the way.

Outstanding pictures and it was good to see you made it out. Also good to see the Bog Monster again!

Jennifer Montero said...

They say you regret the things you DON'T do, and we all have those, but don't kick your own ass over it. You're healing, you're good to your bog monster (I call ours the 'swamp collie'), you inspire people through your blog, and you're taking chances. I'm impressed.

As for long bows, I was told that in England, the only thing it's legal to shoot with a bow is fish. You could combine your sailing trip and legal bow-fishing and invent a new sport!

I love the pictures of things you find on your walks.

Murphyfish said...

Ehyup Damn,
Funny that you should mention ending up upon my backside, it happens so often when Lucy’s ‘in one of them’ that I treat it as the norm and nothing to write home about! Glad that I could raise a smile and at the same time give you some food for thought my friend. Hope that you’ll keep me updated about the bow and the ghost?

Hi Bill,
I guess we need the idea or dream before action can take place, I just let life get in the way to often. Glad you liked the pictures and Lucy says hi.

Hi Jennifer,
Inspire people? Well I truly hope so it would make me muddled ramblings somewhat worthwhile if that is the case. Thank you deeply for your very kind words truly does mean a lot to me.
Not sure about the fishing and a bow rule, but apparently there is still in place one of those ancient laws that you can shoot a Welshman within the City of Chester’s wall after the hour of 10pm, now being Welsh and not living more than 10 miles from Chester (also the victim of many a drunken night there in years gone by) tis about time that the rules were perhaps reviewed me thinks.

Badger said...

I wouldn't be too hard on yourself. Everything starts with a dream. And most people don't even manage to do that.

And hey - good luck with the cider! We've just finished making hours for the year. Once you've got the kit it's cheap and very satisfying to do, and a great way of using up surplus apples.

Think of it as a way of preserving the apple harvest for the winter...

Keep up the good work

All the best


Leigh said...

After I sent you that email, I fear I must have jinxed us both! I have a story that I have been pecking on but unfortunately I have also put it on the back burner. I have been piddling with the dulcimer, working out, farming, mothering friends and fmaily and also taking care of my own babes. It seems in order to do one thing one of the others has to be pushed back further. :( Its so frustrating.

But as far as the writing. I feel that tugging in the center of my stomach... a lots going on, it wont be long before it spills it way out on paper. :)

Looking forward to hearing about the Carpe Diem as well. lol no pressure right!? ;)

Murphyfish said...

Hello Badger,

Cheers for the comment my good man, just feeling frustrated at myself at the moment, it’ll pass as I do more.
Noticed your post upon the Cider, won’t have time to peruse it fully until tomorrow (work n all that), love the way your mind thinks about preserving the apple harvest…

Hey Leigh,
It does seem that life is full of things to do doesn’t it? Fortunately I’ve two more night shifts and then off for a week .
I really crave to write more but I’ve really have stonewalled with Maili, although the twists and turns of a ghost tale are beginning to take substance!

The Carpe Diem has been cleared of debris that seemed to accumulated over the months of inactivity and I’m hoping to be able to report on further progress soon Captain.



Wolfy said...

John, The "to-do" lists and Bucket Lists keep growing, with little or no lines being removed due to actually accomplishing something. I am reminded of it every time I look at my List of States posted alongside my blog. 1 state removed from the list in 2 years. Sad, really. Getting older doesn't help to pick up the pace, either.

BUT - we do what we can, enjoy it (maybe) even more than we used to, when we took time afield for granted, and dream great dreams of days to come.

Love the mushroom / fungus pics, and the post in general.

Murphyfish said...

Hello Wolfy,
Great to hear from you my friend, and once again your comments ring true and strike the chord. It's part of our make up to dream but some of these dreams must be obtainable otherwise we just have what if's ? to glance back upon. Thanks for dropping by my good fellow.

Anonymous said...

It is always good to dream my friend, weather or not you get to for-fill those dreams, because after all what is life without dreams? (Just a thought from a crazy chick ;-)

Great post and pics. Love that one of Lucy running. I bet that ol' gals really got some speed behind her. (at least she looks that way!)

Take care friend, keep dreamin' and chin up!

Oh, by the way, this is the second, possibly third, time I've heard about this whole "cross-bow" incident... If you don't tell the whole tale soon, my head may burst from curiosity!

John Gray said...

ps I also wanted to add that I think that you write very well indeed

Casey said...

Damn and blast - here I am last again!!!

I hope you are able to accomplish even just a fraction of what you wish, my friend. And with everything you have accomplished in this post, the fat lazy American in me is tired for you.

I'm really looking forward to seeing how the cider making goes for you.

Take care -


Murphyfish said...

Kari, the most down to earth ‘crazy chick’ that I know,
Your right (of course), without our dreams there would be nought to look forward to, nothing to wake up for indeed it would be pointless drawing breath if we had no reason to strive for.
As for Lucy, well her straight line speed and acceleration is still impressive considering her build and age, but she’s got the turning circle of a fully laden oil tanker!
Ah the ‘cross bow’ incident, something from the mists of time that still has me glancing over me shoulder but at the same time brings a wry smile to my lips, one day Kari, One day…..

Thank you my good man.

Ah Casey,
Your use of the Anglo Saxon is coming on in leaps and bounds; I’ll soon have you cursing well enough to shame a dock yard worker who’s just remembered about ten missing rivets as the ship glides down the slipway.
Whether the first or last to comment, your words and thoughts are always the most welcome my friend. This rotund little Welshman is bloody knackered at the moment, me thinks there’s another post coming along to explain why.
Oh and as for the cider making, we have lifted off, although I think I may have created a monster, more power Igor…..

Cheers for the comments guys.

Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

Hiya, lovely to meet you. I've never read a blokes blog before...I'm glad I read yours though, who would ever have thought that men think and feel the same as a woman? Here's me thinking you're all a totally different species, how dim must I be?!
I'll be back! x

Murphyfish said...

Hi Claire,
Welcome to my tangential ramblings. Glad that you feel 'connected' to my musings and I hope that I'll be able to keep your interest with my future postings.
Best regards,