Sunday, September 26, 2010

I must be a good guy in another life

Well I must have done something really good in a previous life; I really must have too have had a day like today. Oh you want more detail? Oh very well if you really insist.

It’s Sunday, now Sunday in our household, if we’re both fortunate to be off together, means car boot day. Mmmmm car boot sales, I can feel my pulse racing at the very thought. You see for me car boot sales are great for two reasons, firstly, if I’m really lucky they provide me with my main supply of items to sell upon the dreaded e-bay (usually Lego) to help finance life’s little luxuries (like a new bleedin’ turbo for the, ahem, fun cruiser), and secondly sometimes they provide me with manner from heaven, items that just enrich our lives, from work clothes too tools to fishing gear too garden bits n bobs. Oh yes indeed upon occasion they may well even bring a wry smile to this grumpy Welshman’s grim exterior. And today’s boot sale was one of those which you could ask no more of.

Firstly there was the rather large tub of vintage Lego, oooh I almost felt a pang of guilt as I bartered the seller to a third of his asking price when there was a healthy profit to be made for the full one (notice I said almost), but then things got really interesting.

A book I hear you decry, ah a book indeed I reply, but one of those that draw your eye, your hand caressing its cover as you ask how much? without even thinking of trying to haggle. The book is over a hundred years old and is called ‘The Settlers of Canada’ written by a certain Captain Marryat. When the cover is a dedication dated 1907, I’m yet to read this little gem but I’m sure that it will be of interest to Le Loup.

Then things improved, oh yes they did. Knowing about my excursions into brewing apples and perhaps other stuff, then feast your eyes upon the picture below;-

Purchased from three different stall holders for the princely sum of £6.00 we have an unused selection of home brewing paraphernalia; a hydrometer, a hydrometer glass, 4 sealable bottles, a demijohn heater, a bottle corker and a bottle crown corker! Oh I must have been so holy in a previous life.

The end of my glorious day you’d think, but no mere mortals there is more to tell. After a brunch of bacon and egg butties we spent the afternoon in glorious autumnal sunshine tiding the garden and painting the garage walls (only a couple of years since they were rendered, oops). Tired and happy it was time to take the smelly one out for a stroll. We headed to Moel Famau knowing that the trails would be empty as the evenings light was beginning to fail. It’s a good while since me and Lucy had padded these particular paths and we were not disappointed. The smell of the open moorland edged by the managed pine forests swamped my senses fully, if only I had smelly blog, for my poor attempt at words in no way could describe to aromas and freshness of air that assaulted our senses.

We took a circular route that encompassed the open heather filled mountain sides and then turning before we climbed to the Jubilee Tower we skirted through the pine forests, eventually arriving back at the fun cruiser’s parking spot as the light left us. Along the trail Lucy actually managed to flush a squirrel which just escaped a sloppy tonguing!

Below are just a few of the pictures I took along our path, none give justice to the country side we passed.

 Above can be seen one of the many bronze age hill forts that add history to the local

As the sun settled Lucy gave me that look that said our time on the hills was done, time to go home.

Home now and truly knackered, I emerge from the shower (sorry, hope you weren’t eating) foe Clare to put a meal of lamb chops and all the trimmings in front of me with a cold glass of cider to boot. I’ve just had time to type this up for you before hitting the hay after all work calls tomorrow, but with days like these – who cares?

Thank you for taking the time to read my tired musings, I cannot be bothered to spell check so I’m afraid there may be a few erroes in this post.

Your friend



Gorges Smythe said...

Sounds like a great day, indeed! Interesting photos. were the topless trees from some crude timbering job or from storm damage?

Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

FAB booty looty there Mr! What a perfect Sunday eh? Lucy is a lucky girl to be taken on such lovely walks too, I feel rubbish now that Baz had to make do with the river again today. Claire deserves a big hug for that mouthwatering dinner...I had a butty!!! What's gone wrong in my life lately? Ha ha. Have a good week. x

Anonymous said...

Hi John. Before reading your post, I'm not sure I had ever heard the term "car boot sale". I'm thinking it's the UK version of a garage sale? It looks like you found some great treasures! That old book is neat and sure to be worth more than you paid for it and I love that you found some home brewing paraphernalia too. Isn't it great when life works out that way? Beautiful pictures once again. Give my regards to the Bog Monster.

Casey said...

Nice sale finds!!! And the scenery for the walk is amazing. I would say you're doing pretty well even in this life.

Take care -


Le Loup said...

Good one boyo, good pics too. Yes that book title rings a few bells and I have some works by the author. Should make interesting reading. Well done on your finds.

Yvonne Osborne said...

You indeed had quite a lovely day. I was especially interested in the home brewing equipment...quite a find, and an old book like that is always a treasure. Beautiful pics.

R. Gabe Davis said...

If I am not mistaken, is what you are calling a car boot sale the same as what we call a flea market. A collection of weekend salesman who set up booths in a predetermined place usually dealing in used treasures and frequented by hoarders of all sorts. Your pal the Envirocapitalist.

Wolfy said...


Good days make all the crappy ones seem worthwhile. Sounds like yours was a great one. I'm in agreemnet that you must have done some great things in a previous life - that's my reasoning, too, for the occsional good days.

I REALLY liked the landscape pictures - I don't think I ever knoew your area was so hilly - great contours and photos!

You've ended my day on a high note, so you can add that to your good day!


Karen Thomason/Gordon Setter Crossing said...

Sounds like a wonderful day and the perfect ending. I enjoyed the pics...nice scenery, as usual!

Anonymous said...

Your post has left me with a big smile on my face. What a fabulous day! Treasure hunting, good food, and some time outdoors! What more could a person ask for? You are a very lucky man and thanks for takin' me on your adventure!


Poppy Cottage said...

You make Wales sound as good as Dorset!! (if not slightly better with the photo's to boot!)

Leigh said...

Loving the pics and O what a very LUCKY YOU!!! Thats a steal on the corker! I love purchasing old books that have messages written in them... Its the romantic in me. The heavens must have been shinning down on you for such an excellent day. :)

Murphyfish said...

Hi all, sorry for this brief comment instead of the usual answers to each of your kind comments, but time is short this evening and me bones are aching a tad from the grind. I'll play catch up with your blogs and answer each comment here later on in the week at some point, even your new one Casey :-), till then tara for now.
Your friend,

Fish Whisperer said...

That is what I would call a cracker of a Sunday.

Damn The Broccoli said...

John that is indeed a score. Samsara is all I am saying!

I am well impressed with the squirrel pic, if el boggo had chased it then I am amazed it stayed still long enough for the picture! I spent half an hour at the local municipal golf course and dog toilet the other day sat trying to photograph squirrels from a distance and got nothing but a tail now and again.

Speaking of the smelly one, I don't ever seem to recall seeing a picture of her where she was a) standing still and b) not lolling her tongue like a mad one.

I miss having a dog.

Anonymous said...

John, I am late reading this post, but, couldn't resist commenting. I agree what a fabulous day! Isn't it amazing when one comes our way and just overwhelms us with humbleness. Love all the great pictures and nice to see The Bog Monster doing his thing!

Murphyfish said...

Ok Guys a little time on my hands so here goes from the top;

Mr. Smythe,
Indeed, t’was one of my best days for sometime. As for the damaged trees the answer is storm damage from just under two years ago. The pines around this area are basically a huge crop managed by the local forestry commission and they do tend to take all of the trees in a given area, leaving behind what can I can only describe as ‘the desolation of Smaug’, although it’s interesting when areas are not replanted to see nature run her course.

Ah truth be known old Lucy would have had as much fun in the river as on the hill, hence the name ‘Bog Monster’. A least it sounds as if Baz is fortunate enough to be out regular, what breed is he? Oh and absolutely nothing wrong with butties, they are the staple of my diet a lot of the time ‘especially fish finger butties oh joy.

Hi Kim,
Yes I believe that garage sales and car boot sales run along similar lines. The book I rank as the best find I’ve had for a long time, it’s found its home here and won’t be moving on. Lucy says cheers (actually Lucy says are we going out yet), I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures; I think that I’m finally getting the hang of taking them!

Hey Casey,
Thanks my good man, I have to agree that life does have its good days recently.

Keith Bach,
No time to turn the pages yet, may keep till the nights have drawn in fully and there’s a fire and whiskey keeping the cold at bay.

There’s bound to be more posts upon be brewing attempts in the future (trails and errors no doubt), thanks for dropping by.

Not so many traders at a car boot sale, a good un just has Joe public selling unwanted clutter from the rear of their cars, usually on a Sunday morning, like they say, another man’s rubbish…….

Hi Wolfy,
I think that Sunday tipped the balance with good days definitely in credit against the not so good. I’m fortunate to live within a few miles of this area of out standing beauty, although sometimes it’s easy to take it for granted and forget my good luck. If my musings can lift just one person each post my friend then they are well worth continuing with (do have my doubts about this blogging sometimes).

I’m just glad that I can share days like this with good folks like you.

A pleasure me dear, you’re welcome anytime, it only goes a little way in paying back all the smiles that your blog gives me (and many others).

Hi Poppy,
Never been to Dorset although I’ve heard the coastline is absolutely outstanding. Glad that you’re enjoying the views of Wales.

Old books with a touch of humanity hand written within that first cover are very special, kind of gives a feeling of wonder and of contact with people long gone. I think that some deity must have patted me on the head and said good boy John that day.

Indeed it was my man, indeed it was…

Damn my good man,
Samsara indeed, days like this make me feel that the wheel is indeed turning.

Ah the squirrel picture, el boggo did indeed flush him up that pine, funny thing was that he’d managed to escape her tongue lashing whilst still holding on to a pine cone as large as his head, unfortunately for him just before the picture he dropped it and I think he was waying up whether a good slobbering was worth the hassle of retrieving it, so his thoughtful pause gave me one of those time stands still moments to zoom n click.
The only time you’ll see Lucy still is flat out on my chair after one of her excursions, otherwise it’s all systems go.

Hey Mel,
You’ve used the one word that I’ve failed to use in this post and yet the one that conveys more of how I felt than all the others that I posted trying to describe the day – humbleness, late or not my friend your comments are always welcome here,

To all, told you I’d get around to answering at some point, right off to the post office to send off the spoils of my e bay trading. Take care my friends and thank you all for dropping by.