Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Flotsam and Jetsam

Well here I am in between twelve hour day and night shifts working through ‘the grind’, I guess you could say that this part of my shift rota is ‘being in limbo’. I really do despise this part of the rota, trying to ensure that I’m not too knackered for this evening’s twelve hour stint whilst at the same time not wanting to waste my waking hours sitting on my backside being melancholy about the whole nightshift thing. I use the time to play a little catch up with my fellow bloggers; this sometimes raises a smile, drops a tear, gives me ideas for the trail or just imparts some knowledge that I was previously lacking. Then after this I’ll scratch around trying to fill my time but with one eye always on my driving master; the clock. Oh how I truly long to be free of time and its constraints, to just rise with first light and drift off to deep and sated sleep when the evening wraps me in her dark mantle.

Earlier I visited the local charity shops, these, along with weekend car boot sales, provide Clare and me with all manner of good stuff, from items to sell upon the dreaded E-bay to tools for the garden, from items to adorn the home with to cloth bears for Lucy to play with. 

This time there was little in the form of treasure for this ol’ pirate to pass on at a healthy profit to his unsuspecting customers upon the bay, but a trinket, nay a jewel did indeed come to pass to my hands. This treasure I speak of I hear you ask with baited breath? a book! A book that I’ve never read fully, but I’ve seen the film and also caught snippets of quotes from it along the way of my life. It’s a book that I’ve wanted to dive into but you know me, being the frugal pirate that I am the price always has to be the first consideration for these luxury items. So I’ve strolled home with a copy of Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea in excellent condition and its black n white illustrations are a joy. I’ll save it for tomorrow, for that time when this ol’ pirate rises from his bunk, his head buzzing with tiredness and probably some wrath at tonight’s shift (that never seems to go well) and enter it’s world with a cup of tea beside me and Lucy looking at me reproachfully from by my feet, just passing the time till the last shift of the rota from hell.

As soon as I've abandoned the keyboard here I going to take Lucy up the trails, yes my legs will ache later on in the early hours of the morning but hey, the choice is simple; the trails with old smelly or being grouchy watching the clock…….

Take care, your friend John


Leigh said...

You made the right choice John, Whats a little aching if it fights back the "grumps"!?
Congrats on your find also... nothing nicer than running into a deal on a book you have been wanting... its as good as finding money in the couch.

Shoreman said...

Being an avid reader myself, I view the classics like "The Old Man and the sea" as an excellent read. Enjoy.


Bob Mc said...

Excellent! I read it many years ago in English class during my freshman year in High School. More recently watch both versions of the movie, the first starring Spencer Tracy and the second starring Anthony Quinn. All good.

Dog Hair in my Coffee said...

"A man is never lost at sea." I love, love, love The Old Man and the Sea. Ernest Hemingway is one of my MOST famous authors ever, and as a teacher with two degrees in English, that's saying a lot, because I've read a LOT of "famous" authors that I have hated! I hope you enjoy your read, and that Lucy will kindly understand why you are ignoring her for just a bit. BUT, if you are reading Hemingway, you need coffee, not tea!

wanderingowloutside said...

Right on, John! I've done a bit of reading, but I have never read that one, or any Hemingway for that matter, except snippets here and there. I'm sure you'll give us a review and quotes from it.

Happy reading!

Le Loup said...

I love a good book, but have not found anything new for a long time now.

Dog Hair in my Coffee said...

By the way, I MEANT most FAVORITE authors, not most famous. Tired!.

Murphyfish said...

Hello Leigh,
It wasn’t just a ‘little aching’! but oh boy it was worth it the rid me of the ‘grumps’. ‘Finding money in the couch’, you really do know how the evoke memories and bring a lob sided grin to my face, thanks so much for dropping by.

Hey Mark,
I’m thoroughly looking forward to the book, cheers for passing by.

Hi Bob,
Tis the Spencer Tracy version that I saw as a youth, and images of it still surface in my mind today.

Hell fire DHimC,
Now I’m really going to have watch the way that I put my musings down!! I hope that Lucy does get over today’s interlude, although I’m sure she’ll cajole me into taking her out for a short walk at some point before I leave for work.

Hey Casey,
I think that I’m the last person to be review others writing, but hey maybe it’ll work so I may give it a try (or maybe not!). Thanks for dropping by my friend.

Le Loup,
May I be as bold as to suggest ‘I am Legend’ by R. Matheson, I read it years before the so called film came out, now horror is not my usual cup of tea but this fictional story, for some reason, gripped me from start to finish.

Teacher with degrees eh?, ah I’m feeling so much happier now about my own shortcomings when offering up my humble jottings. Only joking, I’m truly pleased and honoured that you pause and take the time to read and pass comment on my blog.

To all,
Thank you for dropping by and for all your kind words,
Your friend,

Dog Hair in my Coffee said...

Don't be "honoured." I enjoy your blog, and being a teacher has NOTHING to do with it!

Murphyfish said...

Yes miss (sorry couldn’t resist), and I am truly pleased that you enjoy my musings.