Monday, June 28, 2010

Cheshire County Show

Just a few pictures from the Cheshire County Show that Clare and myself visited last Tuesday on a baking hot day. Not going to ramble on just enough to say that we arrived home tired, fed, cidered, with discount forms to join Warrington AA allowing us access to rich and varied fishing locations and a strong urge to get me one (or more!) of them Fox hounds (purely as company for Lucy in her dotage).

Cheshire Fox hounds - Bigger than I thought, and I want one (or more)

Hoped that you enjoyed the photos as much as we enjoyed the show.

Your friend,


2 Tramps said...

Looks like it was a wonderful time. The creatures are all so interesting!

Bob Mc said...

Interesting to me John, as I followed a pack of hounds for many years when I was younger and more able. Not so much after fox as bear, cougar, and bobcats; although we have a gray fox here that is lots of fun to run. To this day I receive a magazine published in Wales that is devoted to hounds and working terriers. Proof positive to those people over here who believe fox hunting is dead in the UK. I’ve started a new blog that contains some stories I wrote years ago that you might find interesting, about some of those hunts. Here’s a link:

The photos of the raptors are interesting too. We need a special permit for that here, a falconer’s license, and you have to jump through a lot of hoops to get one of those.

Terria Fleming said...

This looks like great fun, and much like our county fairs here. All the animals are just beautiful.

wanderingowloutside said...

Thank you for sharing your part of the world with us. The pics are outstanding! 2 stand out for me - the profile of the great horned owl and the small flock of ducks (they might be called runners(?)). The ducks are good for keeping the mosquitos in check.

Thanks again, John.

Leigh said...

O how Lucy would just love a companion! I could just hear the stories of those two now! haha
Looks like you had an exciting day, and great pictures too! ;)

Le Loup said...

Looks far more interesting than the shows we get here.

kmurray said...

That certainly looks like a delightful place to go and an event that would be right up my alley! Thanks for sharing these. I really enjoyed them. (especially the horses!)


Murphyfish said...

Hi 2 Tramps,
Indeed it was a grand day out, far more to see than could be covered in the one day that we were there.

Hi Bob,
When talking with people who ‘were’ involved with fox hunting over here before the ban it becomes clearly evident that it still carries on but to the general public the official line is that it has ceased. It’s a shame, for me at least, that hare coursing events such as the Waterloo cup have fallen victim to the blood sports ban over here. Who knows what next for the nanny state never do wells? Fishing? Wild foraging maybe? Or even just bloody well breathing because we may inhale something harmful. Sorry Bob, off on a tangent for a moment, but some things about this country really rankle me.
Back to the point, I’m not entirely sure about the laws over here involving keeping/flying raptors; I do know that it’s far easier obtaining say a Harries Hawk than a native British bird where you do have to indeed jump through hoops. Oh and thanks for the link, I’ll be sure to check it up later on after getting Lucy dirty once more (we’ve just had rain, gulp)

With so much to see and do it was probably the highlight of the year so far.

Hey Casey,
There were more raptors there but some of my pictures just didn’t cut the mustard. The ducks were indeed runners and the reason they were there was to show the versatility of sheepdogs as they round them up through an obstacle course. My favourite picture? the older gentleman in front of the vintage steam fire truck eating a burger through his beard, just seems to capture a moment and raises a smile when I look at it.

Oh wouldn’t she just, can you imagine the headlines “bog monster out break in North Wales”, not sure an unsuspecting public could handle it ;-)

Hi Le Loup,
I’m sure that there was a little of something for everyone who loves being absorbed by the country and its rhythms.

Hi Kari,
I just wish that the pictures did justice to those horses, truly magnificent beasts. There was even fishing demonstrations there, which I’m sure you’d have loved!

Thank you all for dropping by and sharing your comments, I’m glad that you enjoyed the pictures and I apologise for the small rant replying to Bob’s comment (not aimed at Bob just this bleedin nanny state that… oops off again!).
Your friend,

CDGardens said...

Great pictures! Looked like a wonderful excursion for the day.

Shoreman said...

Hi John. Great fun at a fair. Love the pictures. Owls have a special place for me since the Kautz name is associated with the Screech Owl. Maybe I should have mentioned that to Casey over at Wandering Owl.


Little Messy Missy said...

I am afraid I would have been tempted to take a ducky home in my pocket...hahaha.

Frugal Life UK said...

I love shows like that! we have one that we help at, park cars, look after lost children, so we feel part of the local community! We love the break and have a picnic round the back of the secretaries tent and we get given pasties, cakes and endless cups of's hard work but a heavenly day

Murphyfish said...

Hi CDG’s
Certainly was an excellent day, thanks for dropping by.

Hi Mark,
I’m sure that Casey would indeed be interested, glad that you liked the pictures.

Little Messy Missy,
I’m pretty sure that you’d not be the only one with duck filled pockets given half the chance.

Hi FQ,
Sounds like you have a great time; I sometime feel that this country does indeed lack that feeling of community, so glad that it’s alive and kicking where you live.

Regards to all,