Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Paranoia and Vegetables

Well this week didn’t start off to well at all, what with work, trying to finish off the new fish tank installation, cranking up the E-bay sales, helping Wayne shift slabs (bloody heavy slabs at that!) organise my limited growing space and a ton of other stuff I’ve been running around like the proverbial blue arsed fly. Then to cap it all off Lucy decides to throw a sicky, just when I needed to get ‘out there’ upon the trails for a little much needed solace the indestructible bog monster reminds me that she’s not the spring chuck that she used to be and that even she can have an off day or two.

To be honest we’ve been a tad worried about the old girl, one moment she’s her usual in your face self the next I’m getting a phone call on me night shift to say that we may well have to call the vet out. Oh yes she was that bad, her symptoms? Well if the truth be told her ailment didn’t seem to make much sense and the only reason that I can think of is that she was hit by two things at once. Firstly there was the complete loss of appetite, liquid faeces from the rear (well I could have said the shits but you know I’m just far too posh for that) and farts that should be used as a crowd dispersal tool! Then just when we thought that she couldn’t look any worse her hind end stiffened up completely making it difficult for her to sit, curl up in her basket, make her tail redundant or even climb the front step to the house with a gentle helping hand, worrying indeed. Fortunately she started to show small signs of improvement that evening so with Clare keeping a watchful eye on her the decision to leave her till the morning was made. Within 3 days Lucy was back to her endearing self, the cause of her distress remains a mystery. The only reason that we can come up with is that she’s either picked up something disagreeable upon the trails or that she’s picked up something deliberately left for her or another dog. Although the latter seems distasteful there have been past cases within the local area of little laced parcels left for dogs on common ground. Although she is rarely walked in the suburbs and is watched like a hawk when done so, it’s a possibility that I must consider. It is a sad thing when some idiots past actions always seem to cast a shadow of doubt when things go awry, even though there may well be nothing sinister to the matter at all. It’s not that I’m paranoid, it’s just that there is always somebody out there trying to get me!

Anyway enough of the woes of Lucy and the ifs and buts of the cause of her illness, having her laid up for a couple of days has at least enabled your budding food producer to tidy up his ‘compact and bijou’ growing area. Oh alright that tiny scrap of back yard needed organising a little better, it has to serve as an outdoor dining area (summer’s on the way you know), relaxation spot; especially after a crappy night shift there’s nothing better than listening to the dawn chorus with a steaming mug of tea in my hand, as well as hopefully producing some morsels of fresh vegetables for one of my favourite pastimes; - eating (ok so it’s my favourite pastime). So with some enthusiasm I’ve attacked the area in front of the south facing garage wall and finished off a raised area on which to neatly place my container held vegetable plot. So far I’ve got quite the selection started; runner beans, boliti beans, garden peas, potatoes, onion, butternut squash, tomatoes, lettuce leaves, courgettes, garlic (wild and conventional), chives, mint, strawberries, rhubarb, peppers and parsley. Considering last year I had, Mmmmm let me see now, ah that’s it nothing at all in the form of food growing, things are moving at a reasonable pace. Future plans for the autumn are to hopefully convert that typically suburban rectangle of grass called a front garden into a cottage garden with the bias on the edible side of planting, making and erecting a lean to green house to rest upon the aforementioned garage wall, source a grape vine that will produce in our climate and (finger crossed) welcome a few bantam hens to the fold (really hope Clare’s not reading this bit!). Time will tell (as will money) as to whether my plans reach fruition but hey at least I’m going to give it a try.

Tomorrow Lucy’s taking me out on the trails, we’re not going too far, I just want to see how she holds up and make sure that there’s no reaction to a short stroll. Also me thinks that this cheap cider that I’m quaffing as I type may well be a source of my own, green around the gills, feeling tomorrow. I’ll be sure to let you all know how she copes and hopefully normal service shall be resumed without further ado. Till then, stay safe and just get ‘out there’, you know you want to!!!

Your friend,



Anonymous said...

Hi John!

It does sound like Lucy ate something foul. I hope it has passed and she can get back to usual self!

Your garden looks great! I need to downscale to that size! Seriously. It's more manageable.

Peace -


Le Loup said...

Glad to hear Lucy came good, they can be a worry.
Your garden plans sound good. Love that little pot belly stove in the lower image.

James A. Zachary Jr. said...

Get well soon, Lucy!

CDGardens said...

So sorry to hear Lucy had a round of body upset. Glad she is doing better.

You are certainly getting things in order for your garden. Sounds like fun to me. ;)

Anonymous said...

John, here is hoping that Lucy is over her health issues and ready to hit the trail with you once again. Also sounds like your garden plans are coming along nicely. As always, enjoyed your post.

Bob Mc said...

Glad to hear Lucy is back to her old self. Sure seems like something she ate, whether she picked it up on her own or someone intentionally left it out. I lost a good dog and nearly lost another to just such an act. Someone threw it right in my driveway where the dogs were sure to pick it up. A sick individual, and I know of no way to guard against such a thing.

Murphyfish said...

Hi Casey,
And here’s me looking at expanding my growing empire! To be honest the front space is not very big, it’ll just mean getting out of pots. As for the smelly one (she truly earned her name during her spell off) she seems as right as rain so fingers crossed that’s she’s recovered fully.

Le Loup,
Oh yes that they can, but she’s worth it. The little pot bellied stove gets a lot of use in the evenings as temperatures drop enabling us to sit and put the world to rights whilst enjoying the stars above, and it costs nothing to run.

Hey Zack,
Lucy says thanks!

Hi CD,
Thanks for the concern, and yes the little tyke is thankfully much improved. It’s still a massive learning curve for me this gardening thing but I have to agree it is fun.

Hi Mel,
Glad that I’m still keeping you interested my good man, we’ll be on the trail as soon as I’ve finished my replies here, and it’s good just to be getting ready to go again.

The only thing to do is to watch out like a hawk, but as you say there is not a lot to be done about a person like this (I use the term person very loosely). I’m sorry that you lost a dog in such away, enough to say that if I caught such a person I wouldn’t be involving the law…Cheers for dropping by, always a pleasure.

To one and all,
Once again I’m surprised and humbled that there are such folk as your good selves that will take the time and effort to read and pass comment on my not so lucid ramblings, many thanks to you all. Oh and Lucy says hi (as she nudges me in the leg), guess it’s time for the trails.
Best regards,

Little Messy Missy said...

I hope she gets better! I love the blog and the pictures are wonderful. I will be back!

Murphyfish said...

Well hello Little Messy Missy,
Welcome to my musings, I'm glad that you enjoy the blog. I shall pass on your regards to the bog monster AKA Lucy,

Bill said...

Once again I enjoyed the post very much! Glad to hear that the bog monster is feeling better and I hope she stays that way. Sounds like you're on your way to becoming somewhat self sufficient. Best of luck with the garden and the other plans.

Murphyfish said...

Hi Bill,
A long way from being self sufficient, but from little acorns...
Cheers for dropping by and for your kind words.

Dog Hair in my Coffee said...

Awww, poor Lucy. We lost a cat to that - and I know it was intentional. Some people are just mean and they suck. Glad to hear from your comments that she is feeling better. Give her a scratch behind the ears for me, and even a kiss on her puppy nose, if you are willing. She's a good girl!

Murphyfish said...

Thanks for your comments, consider Lucy's ears scratched - but I'm not kissing the bog monster's nose!