Friday, December 4, 2009

A thank you

Just a quick posting as I’m unable to ‘sit down’ (or stay still in any position) at the moment for more than 10 minutes, let alone get ‘out there’. So you can safely assume that ‘D’ day has well and truly occurred so please excuse my ramblings today for not being in the usual vein.

I’ve always been of the opinion that there should always be a balance within life, for every birth there will be a death, for every smile a tear, for every morning of a glorious sunrise the dark shroud of an approaching thunder storm. It’s not that I’m religious in any shape or form (heaven forbid!), and I don’t pray to any deities, I just believe in balance, without sadness how would I measure joy, without pain how could pleasure exist? Don’t get me wrong I’m not some nutter who’ll stick a pin in my tongue just so I can then savor a brew, no I just like balance, yin and yang, black n white, circle of life (I can feel a song coming on!) call it what you will but balance suits me just dandy
Maybe this is why I feel drawn to the outdoors and all of its cycles, where you just observe from a distance or become embroiled in the hunt within Mother Nature’s game of life and of death. There is something basic deep inside of me that lets me savor the hunt and sometimes the kill but then there’s the feeling of being so connected inside, perhaps by simply just sitting alone (or with Clare, my one true love) welcoming the day’s new sun, rise over misty distant hills, or me grinning like an idiot watching a vole sitting on my boot toe, cleaning his whiskers, after taking his fill from my bait box when I have sat statuesque still for eons, not having a bite, nibble or take by the river. I won’t take anything from nature unless I use it, food for the pot, dead wood for the fire, rain for my face, and sunshine for my heart. For me being outdoors brings my life back on an even keel after I find my ship listing heavily to port with the weight of work, making ends meet, suburbia and the doom and gloom of the world that’s thrust in our faces by the press and what seems to be most peoples’ fascination with the anguish of others (why can’t stories of redemption, joy and wonder or even of fluffy puppies sell newspapers?).

So I came upon the ‘outdoors ‘blogosphere’ community’, and here I find a whole host of like minded people, whose depth of knowledge sometimes astounds me, whose ability to express themselves with the written word humbles me, and whose generosity warms my soul. I’m honored to be part of this ‘blogosphere’, I don’t always agree or even like all of what is shared here but then I find myself lost in awe and smiling inanely at other written pieces, like I say, balance. The range of topics is discussed is vast, and peoples opinions on said topics, whether agreed with or not are respected and accepted. To be accepted by like minded spirits such as your selves, whose knowledge, foresight, wonder and sometimes sadness which you all gladly share is a privilege for this grease monkey. I feel that I’m just about finding my feet and place within the outdoors ‘blogosphere’ community even though I’m one of the more recent arrivals, so I guess in a around about way I’m just trying to say thank you for accepting me and proving to me that there’s still balance to be found out there. Now maybe I’m rambling on or musing for no apparent reason (can’t do bugger all else in my present state so the only ‘rambling’ I can do is in me head!). But hey, what the hell, it’s passing some time for yours truly and would you rather I discuss the benefits of inflatable furniture for my tender derriere?

I hope that this dirge has not bored too many of you good people and that you will return for more of my usual, less heavy, musings in the future (when said derriere allows that is).


Maine TomBoy said...

GREAT POST! I agree, the blogosphere world of the outdoorsman (woman) is certainly unique and most definitely enjoyable.

Murphyfish said...

Hi Amber, cheers for the comment and yes the outdoors life is enjoyable.

danontherock said...

Great post. Very little chance of encountering boring on a visit here.

Wandering Owl said...

Murphyfish - Thank you for the the reading. I really look forward to your posts.

I do a lot of thinking about balance also. On both sides of my family , I am not too far removed from a native american heritage. Souix and Cheyenne. So I like to read up on their thoughts and teachings and find that balance is one of their virtues in dealing with modern life - as it should be for all peoples, but they explain it in a way I understand.

But I really haven't explored it using the written word as you have. I really appreciate your perspective, and hope that you continue to participate in this outdoor blogger community with us. You have a very refreshing view. Thank you again.

Le Loup said...

Good post John. I hope you heal soon my friend.
Regards, Le Loup.

Wolfy said...

Your dirge boring, Murphy? Never. At the risk of becoming painfully repetitive, I love your prose and style, and look forward to years more of your descriptions brightening my days.

And, I echo your feelings about the blogsphere- it is (usually) a terrific place to remove one's self from the doom and gloom thrown at us by the media on a daily, if not hourly basis. I'd much rather read about your vole on your boot than the latest Somali pirate attack.


Anonymous said...

Murph - Enjoyed reading your thoughts. Our "blogging" journey somehow is a great resource for all of us who need to be with the outdoors in some manner. Hope your able soon to be back out enjoying what you love.

LarryB said...

This is quite an enjoyable post and it says a lot of what I too feel about stuff. Sore butt maybe, but healthy brain dude! Keep writin'! lb

Anonymous said...

I too feel very fortunte to be a part of this "blogosphere." I've always believed that the outdoors is just a part of some of us and with out it we would just function, not truly live. Since I started blogging, I've found that I am not the only one that feels this way.

Glad to hear that "D" day has come and gone. I wish you a speedy recovery to full health then its back to the outdoors for you! (it's what any GOOD doctor would order!)

Murphyfish said...

Hi All

Well bloody hell people; you could knock me down with a feather (as long as I don’t land on me backside!). Thank you all very much for your kind words and support, it’s just the uplift that I need at the moment (as well as all your great blogs). It’s great to be associated with you all.

Best regards,


The Suburban Bushwacker said...


looking forward to hearing more from you as soon as

Heal up soon

Anonymous said...

Always enjoyed your down to earth outlook on life mate and look forward to the next blog get well soon keep it up

Native said...

Great insight here John!
I am glad that you dropped by for a visit at the Native Hunt site.
I will definitely stop by here on a regular basis and I have also added you to our links over there as well, it may take a bit for it to appear on the front page but I will get on our host's arse's to get it done pronto :-)

The very best to you,
T. Michael

Murphyfish said...

SBW - Cheers for the comments, nice to know some Brits are along for the ride ;-)

T.Micheal - Thankyou for the kind words and I'm honoured that added my ramblings to your links

Damn The Broccoli said...

Hey Murphy
Was going to wait till I had caught up till I commented but felt the need.

Yes you may not get the spelling or the grammar right all the time, and you may feel that you are not as wordy as others but several posts already have struck me with turn of phrase or just a humble humour to them.

I am enjoying the read enormously thus far, and as soon as I catch up here I may head over to your Tails for a look there as well.

Keep up the good work.

Murphyfish said...

Hello Damn...
Thank you for you words, I'm pleased that you are enjoying my efforts.