Thursday, December 17, 2009

Knackered n happy

Ah the moment I’ve been waiting for, my first excursion into the outdoors since the operation. A gentle mile and a half around Nercwys woods this morning and I’m now absolutely knackered. Temperature read 3 degrees centigrade on the tops, the wind was biting enough to get through my totally inadequate gloves and Lucy (swamp thing) had the devil in her finding every, yes every, source of stinking, slimy ditch filled abyss of  rotting vegetation that was up there, was it worth it? Oh boy it certainly was!

Just being in the woods feeling the cold air reaching the very bottom of my lungs with every breath taken (and there were quite a lot of them), seeing Lucy’s sheer exuberance pounding up and down the trails ahead, stretching my neglected legs and feeling my systems kick in again, yep it was worth even those last few faltering steps and the ten minutes sitting in the fun cruiser before I dared to head home.

And the wildlife did not disappoint either, the buzzards were up, their mewing calls welcoming me back, there seemed to be a surplus of jays heading through the branches, always in front of me (maybe they thought this one looks fit to drop, mmm supper) and bonus time was one of our smaller raptors, a kestrel, who was gracious enough to allow this clumsy photographer take a couple of snaps.

Back home it was great to feel my face have that gentle burning sensation after being in the cold, it may take me a while to reach full fitness levels but I’m back ‘out there’ and I’ll be damned if I’ll waste any opportunities to stay there!

Oh, before I forget, a thousand thanks for all your kind comments and support over the last few weeks of my self pity, as always I’m humbled by your kindness. Oh and just in case I forget, seasons greetings and blessings upon you all and your families, keep well and may the New Year be bountiful for you all.

Now where’s that dog towel, LUCY…….


native said...

Lovely post John!
I really like to watch our kestrel's in flight here as well.
It is amazing how well they can hover when spotting for some little critter to catch and eat.

Glad you were up to the adventure!

Mel Moore said...

Good to hear that you got back out there and gave it a go. Lucy and you have been bedded down to long.
Tee Hee!

Murphyfish said...

Native, yes there is something bewitching about a kestral hovering above its intended dinner. Thanks for stopping by.

Mel, Far to long, nice to be 'out there' again.

Wolfy said...

I'll jump on the kestrel bandwagon, too. Great little raptors with terrific colors. Glad to hear you're up on your feet again!

I wasn't (and still am not) sure what being Knackered is or was, but as long as it made you happy - good for you!!


Murphyfish said...

Hi Wolfy,

Cheers for the comments – Origin of knackered basically came from the rendering of animals such as horses that could no longer work and were considered unfit for human consumption by a person called a knacker. Years ago when I was involved in greyhound racing the knackers yard (now termed abattoir), before they became more regulated, was a constant source of cheap meat such as horse flesh, tripe, offal, sheep heads etc. The slang term knackered now applies to being exhausted, worn out or at the limit of endurance. so in this case I was happy but very, very tired.

Best regards,


Emily said...

One of the reasons I enjoy your blog... you use words like 'knackered' :)

Glad you are feeling better.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Murphyfish said...

Hi Emily, Thanks for the comments - I do aim to please ;) Best of the seasons wishes to you and yours.

Regards, John