Thursday, June 23, 2011

A rare event....and a betrayal...

The rarity;-

An extremely rare photograph of the Warthog standing still in the woods on yesterday’s ‘before the Grind’s nightshift’ walk to clear my mind and plan for my upcoming weekend off from that hell hole of work and time with my beloved Clare (I sense more chores a coming!);-

Of course it took less than milliseconds for her to stop posing and resume her usual antics;-

The betrayal;-

Whilst on the walk the small lake that I may well have mentioned upon occasion hove into view. 

A plan formed within the usually empty void between my lugholes. A cunning plan which unfortunately involves returning here minus one cavorting hound! I have an all to rare window of opportunity of free time this coming Monday so I’m planning to visit this wildlife haven upon my lonesome to sit awhile and let nature wash over me, which might be a bit literal if I get another cloud burst like today!

Problem being that the place has signs upon it forbidding entry and it’s in a livestock field, hence no Warthog. Should the signs worry me? Not really for if rumbled I should be able to blather my way out of a predicament which would certainly not be the case if I had a ‘pot dog’ alongside of me. I guess you could say that I’m being a tad hypocritical here as I’m willing to ignore the fact that I’ll be trespassing on Monday whilst if I caught anyone on my humble property devoid of permission all hell would break loose. But I’m not going to be after game with a gun, only with a camera (if I’m very bloody lucky!) and it’s not as if I’m going to cause damage or disturbance to the flora and fauna her, just going to immerse myself for a couple of hours in whatever nature may have to offer me. And anyway to be honest nobody owns land, we are just looking after it for a while…

Till the next time take good care everyone,



Gorges Smythe said...

Have you considered asking the landowner for permission? More folks are receptive to shutterbugs than campers and hunters. Over here, some hunters help farmers a bit with their chores to stay in their good graces, or share game with them. Maybe a nice framed print of their meadow? (Taken from OUTSIDE their fence!) I'll bet an friendly approach with gift in hand will at least get your foot in the door.

Kath said...

Just don't get caught skinny-dipping LOL
We're sneaking off up the Tor to listen to the festival at the weekend, dogs will have to be distracted as they can tell if we are getting ready for a walk. E is just too old to climb the tor now.
Enjoy clearing your head and being with nature.

Le Loup said...

I was once in a similar place, only it was a dam & not a lake, & it was closer to the boundry fence. My dog, a totally brainless litter pup that we kept for some unknown reason, chased a roo through the fence. Roos go into water for defence against dingoes & wild dogs, & they drown the dogs! It works very well. Anyway, I of course had to go & save the brainless one from a drowing!!! It was a close thing.

I don't suppose you can use the same excuse?!

Murphyfish said...

Mr. Smythe,
Trouble is that I’m not really a people person and approaching strangers to ask permission is just not my cup of tea so to speak. And then the ‘now they know I’m coming’ if they decline my gracious question of permission. Plus the fact that there’s always the thrill of doing something that has the small (very small) amount of risk..

Hi Kath,
Skinny-dipping? I don’t think so as I’ll have Greenpeace trying to put me back in the water thinking that I’m a beached fresh water whale! Distracting Willow is the part I’m not looking forward too, although I will be stretching her legs later in the day. Enjoy the festival me dear.

Didn’t know Roos did that, thought that they’d rely upon their rear legs and sharp nails. Eight years since we’ve been to Oz and the size of the Roos is still vivid in my memory. Not sure that the excuse would work over here especially with nothing to compare to Roos for the excuse :o)

Jennyta said...

Just pretend you're foreign (your choice depending on which languages you're fluent in)and you don't understand a word of english - or welsh. :)

Murphyfish said...


Badger Watching Man said...

In my younger fishing days we used to call this 'guesting', i.e. you were fishing the lake as a guest, except without having been invited. It made it sound so much nicer...

I'm not condoning illegal activity, of course, but if you're careful, don't leave any traces and don't take liberties, then whose to know?

Murphyfish said...

That's what I'm planning on BWM