Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Camp-fire friends

            Those mischievous little monkeys Joe & Rebecca at the OBN have come up with the writing prompt ‘which outdoor bloggers would you like to meet?’, giving reasons for wanting to meet them (bugger). Bearing in mind that I’ve a snowball’s chance in hell of attending the first OBN Colorado rendezvous which would have been a stunning opportunity to meet a whole bunch of bloggers from across the pond I’ve tried to think of not to long a list and I thought that eleven would a good number making it a dozen voices around a camp fire on a long summers evening, after a day on the trail as the chill evening air is repulsed by glowing embers and a warming dram (or two).  If I’ve missed you out don’t be mad or sad – just remember that I’m a forgetful little Welshman whose concentration is a little weak at the moment with the six nations kicking off on Friday. So, who would be grand company around the fireplace swapping their tales and to chew the cud with?

            Casey Harn – I’ve been swapping comments with Casey since I first started blogging. His blog ‘Fungal Threads’ makes for some excellent reading and coupled with his keen eye for photography tells a rolling story of his outside adventures, along with his dog Trapper. Why would I like to meet Casey? Well over the brief time that we’ve known each other electronically a bond seems to have built up between us, we share similar fears, misgivings and doubts about life but also we also have similar humour and Casey reminds me of myself in so many ways. So much so I’ve come to know him as a friend and to meet up with him upon the trial and then to swap tall tales around a fire over a beer or two is one of my few genuine ambitions in my life.

            Keith Burgess – Going under the name Le Loup (the wolf), Keith’s the author of ‘A Woodsrunner’s Diary’, a historical blog of 18th century living. An extremely well formatted blog using various sources of presentation. Keith's attention to detail and excellent way of explaining his pieces and love of what he does are an inspiration for any who want to impart information to others. I just think that we’d hit it off if we ever had chance to meet, I warm to his no nonsense manner and I’m sure he’d be great company around the fire.

            Joe Wolf – Well if you’re reading this piece on the OBN link  then you’ll know of Wolfy and his excellent ‘Flowing Waters’ blog. Meeting Wolfy would be the icing upon the cake after again ‘talking’ to him since the earliest days of my blog and before his work with the OBN. The man is clearly a special individual (don’t forget I’ve entered your 100th follow giveaway Wolfy!) and radiates warmth and character, oh yes there’s defiantly a place around the fire for this guy.

            Kari Murray – On the introduction on her ‘about me’ page of her blog ‘I don’t wear pink camo to the woods’ Kari describes herself as “Wife, mother, and self-proclaimed huntress extraordinaire”, oh but there is so much more to this hunting blogess. Kari has probably the best approach and style of writing on her blog than any other that I follow with her humour (at herself at times) and joy of life in general shining through above anything else, she has a way of drawing you in to her stories and life tales that is both enchanting and spellbinding (mmm Kari the witch). If you don’t take a peek at any of the others here you must check this gal out. I think that Kari would have us all roaring with laughter around the fire and her tales would be listened too intently.

            Gorge Smythe – ‘Gorges’ Grouse’ appears at first to be a gentle, rolling along sort of look at life in general blog and perhaps would not at first catch the eye of many. That would be a sad thing indeed for Mr. Smythe’s words are carefully crafted and weave some great pieces showing the man’s deep insight and understanding of life in general. To chew the cud with Mr. Smythe over the embers of the fire as the whiskey warms my toes would indeed be a pleasure.

            Mel – Over at ‘Blog cabin angler’  can be found a gentleman with a dry sense of humour who doesn’t post as often as he should. The blog title speaks for itself and I, for one, think that you cannot have too many fishermen spreading tales of the one that got away around the fire. Mel doesn’t fish as much as he used to but he’s a font of knowledge in the darker arts of fishing and we’d all learn a great deal during the evening’s chatter.

            Andy – Ah somebody closer to home (well you didn’t think that you there yanks couldn’t hog all the fireside seats – did you?). Andy is another with whom I feel, a connection via blogging has been made. ‘Damn the Broccoli’ is ……. well I’ll use Andy’s header blurb here: “One man's journey to self sufficiency. Alright one man and his girlfriend. Sorry one man, his girlfriend and two bunnies' journey to self sufficiency. Oh and a ghecko. (Plus chickens)” Andy writes with humour but there is also an underlying sense of striving for more in his life. Fortunately for me this upstanding chap resides on the right side of the pond so that evening of tall tales may be a distinct possibility in the future. Oh and did I mention he does homebrew and cider – guess who’s bringing the refreshments!!!

            John Gray – Somebody who actually lives in the same county as myself and yet I’m guilty of not meeting him and his menagerie of fowl and canines. John’s blog, ‘Going Gently’ is just that, a gentle look at John’s life in general, nothing fancy just day to day observations of the world around him in the village of Trelawney.  But John has a way of writing these observations down with insight and a wry sense of humour that draws me into his world. The man would be a hoot around the fire, and certainly would add balance to you gruff hunting and fishing folk.

            Albert A Rasch – A night by the fire would not be complete without the red blooded author of ‘The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles’ and my first follower to boot (seems like an age ago). Albert says what he likes and likes what he bloody well says (I’m sure he’s a Yorkshire man on the quiet) having said that he’s views are balanced and fair, it’s just that he’s not behind the door in expressing them. He’d certainly add spice to the fireside talk but his company would indeed be warmed too.

            Leigh Changes – Over at ‘Come by Chance’ Leigh tells her stories of her and her families life on their small holding with a warmth and feeling that so many of us find hard to express ourselves. In time, underneath her sometimes seemingly fragile exterior, you come to realise that she is a women of immense strength and vitality with a sharp and mischievous sense of humour. She can take what most of us take so much for granted and open our eyes to something heartwarming and special. Every campfire group needs a ‘Leigh’, with her balance and pose she’d add so much to the night’s conversation.

            SBW – Author of ‘The Suburban Bushwhacker’, I did question my sanity when included SBW upon the guest list here. The man does sometimes go off on a tangent but hey, it’s usually funny, very nearly always insightful and sometimes even a little strange. But as camp jester and provider of profound sayings I think that the company would be all the better for his presence.

So there we have it folks, sorry if I forgot your invitation, but like I said the six nations start this Friday and for us lovers of Welsh rugby tis the ol’ enemy! So please excuse me once more if I’ve missed you out, there are so many more of you who I’d love to meet but I set myself a scenario and a number. I tried to pick a group of folk that not only one day I’d love to meet but in this case would gel together to make for a special evening together under the stars.

Maybe you all ought to come along anyway, the more the merrier as they say.

Your friend,


The Suburban Bushwacker said...


Your description almost exactly mirrors an appraisal I had at work, which itself echos one from school....

Is there a pattern developing here?

Thanks for the kind words

Murphyfish said...

Me thinks that the pattern developed long ago matey ;-). It's pleasure in any case.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...


Murphyfish said...

Maybe a small gathering this autumn may not be out of the question, who knows? In the mean time take care my little camp jester!!

Casey said...

Hello John! I appreciate the friendship, my man, and echo your sentiments. One day it will happen, as I have always wanted to go to Ireland, and I've told the better half that when that trip is done, I'm jogging over to Wales to do some walking. She knows why and doesn't blame me.

One day it will happen that an ugly American was found in town looking for you - hopefully I can give you some advance warning!

Peace and something to look forward to -


P.S. I didn't find the comment I had made on your last post. Anyway, congrats and nice tribute to Lucy. Keep 'em coming.

Damn The Broccoli said...

Did I see there a reference to that great Yorkshireman George I. Whitbread?

Well I for one packing the tent and ignoring the shower for Murphyfest. Just tell me when!

About that Cider though, there may not be any left... It was nice what can I say.

There's always something abrew though.

kmurray said...

That is an awesome list and not just sayin' that because I'm on it either!

I must say John that your words about me about brought me to tears (and I'm not the snivelin' type!). It really means allot to me that you think that about me and enjoy my blog. Trust me, if ever the opportunity presents itself to meet up with you I WILL be there! (and we will drink a bit to much and laugh our asses off for sure!)

Mel said...

Hi John, thanks for inviting me to be with all you guys and gals around the camp fire. Appreciate the kind words that you have laid on all your readers about me. Now, when we get together, I will have some first rate stories (probably lies) to spellbind you about and a few jokes that I keep up my sleeve. Thanks, again!

Murphyfish said...

Not sure what happened to your last comment – lost in cyber space maybe? The day we meet should be something to look forward too (might make the news channels as well).

Indeed the reference was there (cigarette?) and I thought that the cider should be ready about may/june you bugger! Murphyfest –now that does have a certain ring to it.

No the thanks go to you for sharing your world so honestly me dear – no straws though.

Well I had to have one sensible chap to keep order, me thinks it would a grand event if it came to pass.

Gorges Smythe said...

I'm both surprised and flattered at my inclusion on your list, John. I'm certainly in some fine company! Bless you!

Le Loup said...

Ah John, what can I say. Yes it is all true, and this is a fine post!
I can't see me getting out of the country for quite a while, but there is a room here for you and the misses anytime you want it.
Regards, Keith.

Albert A Rasch said...

It seems like a long time doesn't it! Keep up the good work, I'm always glad when I stop by!

Best regards,

Murphyfish said...

Mr. Smythe,
You really should be neither for I honestly feel that you'd be the finest of company

A most generous offer my friend, and on reflection it was a fine post wasn't it :-)

Murphyfish said...

Hell fire Albert,
You sneaked in there under the radar as I was answering t'others. Always good to have your comments.

John Gray said...

I would love to come and join everyone around the fire...I ll bringmarshmellows and a hen!
( believe me if you hands are cold...warm them on a hen!)a hand under each wing

Leigh said...

What a fantastic surprise! I really think that a international blogger meet is in order! Lets do it!

Out of all the bloggers in the blogsphere you are definitely one that I would love to sit around the campfire with and just shoot the shit!

I look forward to reading more of your future post and I hope to one day "see ya around"! ;-)

All the Best,

Murphyfish said...

Hey John,
Chicken hand warmers? only you John, Only you.....

Hi Leigh,
Does sound like something to while away an evening, I'll mail you this week after last of the 'grind' me dear after 'hearing' from K.

Regards n sorry for the late comments both.