Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Away from the 'townlife'

Evening all,

Just a short excursion on my blog before the grind calls to me. I seem to remember that my last post was speaking of the virtues of ‘townlife’ and the vast majority of creatures that are making their home alongside of us, well more likely above or below us. As regular readers (3.6 and growing) will now have come to know I’m slowly trying to lesson my impact and live more in kilter with mother earth by the taking of small steps. Part of this (yes I know I’m covering old ground but I may get another reader soon – well one day) is to lesson the use of the fun cruiser. So, for the past week or so the walking has been restricted to meandering around the pavements and local fields of less than sunny Buckley.

Now don’t get me wrong I’ve enjoyed the walking and the closeness to some fauna, with which the bog monster being off the leash had before now remained elusive to say the least, but there it is, a but that I just couldn’t quite put my finger upon. Walking – check, Lucy – check, wildlife – check hey that’s everything isn’t it? Well no, it’s just not everything and I really didn’t know what the but was until yesterday. I had to go and pick some essentials up from the town of Mold down the road so to kill two birds I piled Lucy into the back and away we went, walk first then the shopping.

We drew into the car park at Nercwys woods and piled out into an atmosphere which was muggy and cloying. I glanced up at the darkened sky and thought better of the walk thinking that we could hit the pavements once home, even Lucy looked subdued and uninterested in the trail ahead. Bugger it we were here now so let’s round a short circuit, get it over with and call it quits. Twenty yards from the car it starts to wet rain, yes I know full well that rain by its very nature (it is water after all) is wet but this was wet rain. You know the type, like walking through mist or fog but without it actually affecting your vision (no spook game then, thank god), rain so fine that you don’t actually notice that your getting wet until your soaked to your underwear, yep wet rain. But I was in that sort of mood, yes I had a coat in the car but I really just could not be bothered turning around to get it, lets just get it over with. Oh and another thing about rain Lucy hates it, I do not jest, no the monster from the filthiest dregs of water imaginably hates it (maybe because it’s clean?) down goes her head and between her legs sits her tail, abject misery. Did I mention the flies, no? bloody hell we were being eaten alive by the little sods, oh how we were enjoying the walk.

Funny thing though the rain had a miraculous affect upon us, the air cooled and the flies albeit disappeared within another half a mile were fully into our stride and the walk was falling into its usual pattern of John sees animal, John raises camera Lucy hurtles past and John curse her for the umpteenth time. Yep we were enjoying ourselves and each others company one more. Ok my underwear would require wringing out and Lucy would defiantly have to have a shower once we returned home (though I could’ve wrung me underwear out in the shops) but the flies had lessoned considerable in number and as we moved into the thickest part of the woods there was something else, something far deeper.

 Call it primitive perhaps but we both were more alive for want of better words, the smells, taste, feel and vision of the woods swamped our senses and we were both feeling at one with our surroundings. Lucy even managed to put a rabbit up (unexpected this deep into the woods) and would have surprised herself if the cunning little critter had not turned sharply as she, with the turning circle of a super tanker, achieved full momentum. The freshness and countless variety of life after the walks in the suburbs is truly overwhelming.

Now don’t mistake my intentions, suburban walking will still fill large amounts of my walking time, I am truly serious about lessoning the impact I have, but I refuse to give up the wilds, even if it may mean upping sticks and moving at some point down the line, after all the future is a blank page yet to be written. The past days have been busy with several bits that I could post about and when I get some more time I’ll be letting you know how I’m doing on the path that I’ve chosen, although it may be a few days or longer before I have chance to compile some more posts. Until then from Lucy n me take care and thank you for taking the time to read.

Your friend,



Damn The Broccoli said...

Two birds with one stone is always an excellent way to go. I try and plan as many trips as possible into one journey so as to not have too much impact.

As ever cracking photos as well!

Although Lucy does look a little surprised there!

Le Loup said...

Good post John, I enjoyed it very much.

Leigh said...

Awe, yes I get it that feeling too. There seems to be various stages of wilderness... I like mine too be of the primitive form too... hence my disappointment every time I go to a state park and see paved trails.

Just the last night I "attempted" to verbalize this "connection" that I feel towards the woods. I still have a hard time explaining what it means to me, but after reading your post, I know you know that feeling that I am talking about... magnetic, alluring, call back to nature. Great post friend and I enjoyed the photos very much!

Karen Thomason/Gordon Setter Crossing said...

Love the pics John. You sure have some interesting fauna in your neighborhood. What's the green stuff that looks a little like golf tees? Never seen that before.

Karen Thomason/Gordon Setter Crossing said...

And I love Lucy's little elephant!

Murphyfish said...

Hi Damn,
It’s funny how your way of thinking as regards car usage when attempting this new path, changes; from route planning and exactly how many ‘stops’ can be achieved in one journey to how can I achieve a journey without using the car.
Lucy’s outdoor image may have been slightly compromised by that last photo, guess she wasn’t expecting that!

Always happy to oblige.

A better choice of words by your good self than mine, to describe the pull that we both seem have towards nature. There certainly is a sense of disappointment whilst walking paved trials, whether around the suburbs or further a field. It’s nice to know that there are kindred spirits across the pond.

Mmmmm Lucy’s elephant, the source of many a heated dispute between the master and his dog (that should probably read the mistress and her human!). As for the golf tees, it be a form of Lichen (this one I found on a pine tree) couldn’t source a common name for it but managed the Latin one which is Cladonia fimbriata, so there we are; educational as well as entertaining!

To all,
Sorry about the delay in publishing your comments, started to peruse the blog last night and promptly managed to throw a considerable amount of liquid upon the computer leading to a very rapid shut down and very long wait till this morning to power up and hopefully see if all was well – well as I’m writing this I guess you know the answer. Many thanks for dropping by.
Your friend,

Casey said...

Oooooo - I'm thinkin' I need to make a trip to the woods to check on the fungus over here! Great pics John!

I think you've made mention before how 'ol Stinky is a bit spoiled. Yep - there's proof! But it's awesome.

Take care -


Murphyfish said...

Hey Casey,
Ahhh if I've done naught but got your butt into the woods then the post is worthwhile ;)
ol' stinky spoiled? she doesn't know what you mean, now excuse me whilst I just go and fluff her cushions up....
best regards,

Karen Thomason/Gordon Setter Crossing said...

Ok, So I have to ask, how could Lucy and her cute little white elephant be a problem......a heated dispute?

Murphyfish said...

Ah Karen,
Tis a well known fact that one should at all times avoid becoming between a rabid bog monster and her collection of fluffy toys, tis a fate worse than having your skin peeled and then been dipped in salt! OK a little exaggeration there but the the ensuing rough n tumble when you try and remove her toys (especially the elephant) can take on epic proportions - honest.

Karen Thomason/Gordon Setter Crossing said...

Oh, I see. So what you're really saying is that when YOU cause trouble, by taking her elephant, she will not let you get away with it? That's her baby, John. Be nice now. (lol)

Murphyfish said...

Mmmmm Karen,
No honestly it's all Lucy's fault, I mean can't you tell buy that devious look in the depth of those scheming eyes, surely you must believe that I'm totally innocent in this matter! And there rests the case for the defense M'lord!!!