Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Home alone

Must say that I’m feeling slightly melancholy this morning, my beloved Clare has left me. Oh fear not tis only till Friday as she’s gone to the Lake District for a few days with friends leaving poor old helpless me to fend for myself.  Already I’m having to cope with a major health worry;- my head feels as though somebody has kindly left their machete buried deep within my forehead, I have uncontrollable shivers and an unquenchable thirst, yep first night left to my own devices and I have the hangover from hell – Doh! So plans for the remainder of my isolation? Well firstly drink more coffee, lots more coffee, then we is off up the hills to hopefully bring me back to the land of the living (yes the bog monster’s here to keep an eye on things), more work upon the little lady, and then tomorrow something that I’ve been toying with for some time, a walk without the bog monster.

Now just hold on a minute, stop waving your arms about and cease that gnashing of teeth (didn’t I just say that my head really hurts?). Lucy's not the pup that she once was and I have to be more thoughtful as too how far and how often that we go out on the trails, as the detritus lover is beginning to take a little longer to recover these days, so the odd break should do her good (try telling her that!). also I’m hoping to get a little closer to the fauna that surrounds me when ‘out there’ but am usually prevented from getting close enough to photograph by 70lb’s of noisy, slobbering jugger-naught hurtling ahead of me down the trails (when she’s not playing ‘the spook game’ that is). So it should be an interesting, but perhaps lonely walk tomorrow. Oh and don’t you dare feel sorry for her, the little madam is now in primadonna mode thanks to having her picture printed on page 24 of Aprils Country walking magazine, I ask you where will her self indulgence end?

To make up for tomorrows cruelty I’m taking to the coast on Thursday, the isle of Ynys Mon to be correct, where there’s a great trail for this time of year through established forest, sand dunes and a huge (hopefully stormy and deserted) stretch of beach, so I’m sure that come Thursday night as we stop off for fish n chips in Conwy on the way home that I’ll be forgiven.

Oh yes, just going off on a tangent I’ve also started to add to a bit of a story that I’m trying to put together. The first snippet can be found on Tales from the fish, so let me know how you think it’s coming along and whether I should continue with this attempt at scribing something different or just give up the ghost and stick to the style that I indulge myself here on Musings. Your comments, as always, will be appreciated (I think). So hopefully I’ll have enough to keep myself occupied whilst Clare is away and also I should have enough sustenance to see me through (several bottles of cider still left). Now where the hell are the bad head tablets……


2 Tramps said...

I think I would just have another drink to help that head!

Hope the hike helps...

Murphyfish said...

Hi 2 tramps, the hike worked wonders upon my fragile constitution, but unfortunately I hear the voices from the fridge calling again, ah well once more into oblivion!

Wolfy said...

Looking forward to your tale from the coastal walk.

BTW - you'd think we would learn after going thru the aftereffects of night of cider , but - NO


Rebecca said...

It's Thursday now, so hopefully you are still alive and kicking during your week of fending for yourself. Friday is almost here!Hows the head?
I'm off to check out your other writing site and hopefully the next time I visit here you are out of the fragile state and in one that does include a knife through the mind =)

Murphyfish said...

Hey Wolfy,
The thing is, with all this healthy living that’s being
promoted these days I only consider cider because it’s just fruit juice, I mean that’s healthy isn’t it? Back from the coast and at this very moment working away on the tale.

Hi Rebecca,
Still alive (just) decided to give up ale for tonight (might try some Irish whiskey that I’ve squirreled away). Thanks for dropping by and I hope that you enjoy my rambleing.
Best regards,