Monday, January 11, 2010

A Winters word

I was just catching up with everyone’s postings when the shortest of scribings by Len at 'the stream of time' got me to musing a little, his post was simply “I Am So Sick Of Winter”, and it got me to thinking whether or not I like this season.

Without Winter the other seasons would just seem as nothing really special, I mean to say, which other season can stop us in our tracks and make us take the time to do something other than ‘be out there’? This season sometimes just is great for nothing more than sitting by the fire, a dram in hand, watching the flames dance their magic dances whilst warming my chilled body through, after too long in that infernal, unheated garage, dreaming of the heady days of summer to come.

Winter? I love it for what it isn’t, it isn’t hours of daylight that if I don’t make the most of every moment doing whatever outside then the frustrated feeling of not achieving enough hangs my head, it isn’t 12 hours in that sweat shop where I earn a crust glowering through far to small windows at the world outside baking on a warm Summers’ day, thinking ‘why aren’t I ‘out there’, life doesn’t seem as fair then. It isn’t as fast paced nor as hectic as the other season, it is the time to slow down a tad and recharge yourself. Without it there’d be no balance, no enjoyment of the other seasons for what they are, because without the dark, short cold days of winter how would you know that the days of summer are long, light and warm?

Hopefully from my blog you know that I try and fill all the daylight hours that I can (and plenty of the night ones as well!) with as much outdoor stuff that I can, like fishing, walking, rabbiting etc. as well as the ever increasing project list that I burden myself with. But when, like now, the weather is just to damn cold to be ‘out there’ other than out of necessity, this season is a wonderful time to look back on the former year’s highs (and lows) but also a time to plan and prepare for the forthcoming year to ensure that it’s another fulfilled time. Yep I do love the winter for it tells me spring is on her way.
All the best,


LSP said...

That was a very enjoyable and for me, at least, an uplifting read. Thanks!

Murphyfish said...

Hi LSP and welcome, glad that you enjoyed my musing.

LSP said...

A pleasure - I like the writing.

Bill said...

A great outlook on the season. I agree that it does make the warmer months that much more enjoyable.

2 Tramps said...

We, too, look at winter as a time to sit back and relax more since it is too dark to be outside at night. But we seem to never get to that point of relaxing much. We are too busy trying to get more accomplished so that come the good weather, we can be out and about as much as possible cooking, camping, hiking, etc. I'd really like to just curl up by the fire with a good book and a mug of soup some night with no chores left on the list...

Tramp #2

Wandering Owl said...

Great post, John, as always! Maybe I should write a post why I like the winter, but something has recently struck me as I read about people's thoughts about it.

I love to track critters and read the stories they tell. But I have also learned my KIDS' tracks in the snow. I hope I never have to use this knowledge, but one is pigeon-toed, two drag their feet like they are wearing lead boots, and my oldest boy leaves tracks like his feet might be hurting. And they might be as he is growing at a good rate!

I love reading your posts, John, and can't wait to read more! Glad you joined this outdoor blogger community thingy!

Murphyfish said...

Bill, Thank you for your comments, always welcome.

Tramp 2, Thank you for dropping by, it’s always seems hard to get the balance just right doesn’t it?

Hey Owl, As always thank you for your kind words, great that your so close to yours that can even track them separately I always thought that kids were critters ;-)

Many thanks for all your comments,


Wolfy said...

Your comments and observations make me take stock of my own comments (since I am one the "Winter Blah" writers) As much as I bitch about Winter, I could NEVER live somewhere that didn't have 4 distinct seasons. Winter IS a neccesary evil, if for nothing more than to make us all appreciate the warmer months of longer hours of daylight even more.

And, I really DON'T need another excuse for another dram!

thanks for another nice post


Murphyfish said...

Hi Wolfy, i to don't need much of an excuse for a dram either! cheers for the comments - as ever there always welcome from you.