Friday, November 6, 2009

Seasonal change at last

Well at long last it appears that we have an end to the Indian summer of October with November being heralded in with a distinct change in the season. True, the daylight hours have been drawing in with their usually inevitability but up until last weekend the temperatures reflected a more summery feel. Don’t get me wrong I don’t overly enjoy the wet, windy and cold weather that has drifted in over the Atlantic but without the seasons being clearly defined I feel some how slightly out of kilter.

Walking some of the back trails up Moel Famau this morning truly blew away the cob webs of last nights 12 hour shift, and with the larch trees now nearly bare of their needles the paths underfoot had a cushioned, carpeted (for wont of a better word) feel to them. Lucy had her usual ‘let’s find every boggy, mud filled ditch’ head on and the stiff breeze on the tops seemed to galvanize her into the maddest ‘running around an idiot’ spell that she’s had for years. I guess she’s also enjoying the change autumn has finally brought about.

One down side this change of weather did cause was the cancelation of last Sunday’s first race of the frostbite series at Gresford Sailing Club, to say that I was disappointed would be this week’s biggest understatement. Not only did I not get to sail but there was no chance to appraise the Mirror dinghy hull that I hoping to purloin! Still, on the bright side I didn’t get wet, cold or an ear bashing from Jim, ah well there’s always this Sundays lambasting to look forward to! On the up side (I think) our resident wood mouse house now taken up squatting rights in our tit marsh box and is providing us with some entertainment during first light with his? acrobatics getting to the bird feeders and back to the ‘mouse box’.

So with a full weekend to look forward too I hope that I’ll have some tales to tell thee next week, but for now I hear the call of good food and fine ale so with no other choice I shall be away…..


Wandering Owl said...

We've got a cocker that goes nuts with the change of seasons, also. When the snow starts flying is when he's at his finest making "dog snow angels".

Good luck with your adventures this weekend, hope we get to hear about them!

Murphyfish said...

Mmmm "dog snow angels", that's a new one for me, not sure that even Lucy is that mad! but then again...