Monday, October 26, 2009

A slight dilemma..

Well a reasonably interesting week for me, problem is that I’ve been left in a bit of a dilemma by my mate Jim. We’ve arranged to go sailing this Thursday in preparation for the winter series at Gresford Flash sailing club. Well, when I say sailing what I really mean is that I’m crewing for Jim in his 14’ enterprise whilst he basically gets to shout obscenities at me for pulling all the wrong bits or not moving my butt fast enough (Jim only races to win). Whilst we organized Thursday’s berating, Jim mentioned that there might be another mirror dingy hull arriving at the club looking for a good home. He thinks that this hull may well be better condition than the one taking up residence within the hallowed walls of my garage and could possible be close to my favorite fee (yep free that is). Now here is my dilemma, this hull may well be in better condition than the little lady sitting in the garage, meaning an easier restoration job for yours truly. Also it could be purchased at a very reasonable price (yes I know, I’m cheap). But, having spent some time already rubbing down and getting to know the little ladies curves I am feeling a strange bond with her and a small measure of guilt for already thinking of replacing her if the usurper is in better condition. So I think that you may well understand my problem, because I don’t think that Clare would for one minute entertain two restoration projects in the garage! I think I’ll just see what happens on Thursday when I’m hoping to inspect the new hull.

On the up side however, the little lady is now sitting the right way up after I’ve finally completed the stand. This means that I’ll be able to start stripping her top decks and carefully removing the less than solid sides to provide templates for the replacements. For now I’m a little hesitant continuing any further until I decide which hull is going to receive my affections! Any words of wisdom would be gratefully appreciated, But until then I’ll keep you all posted as soon as a decision has been made. Ah well I guess I’ll butterfly over to the fridge and help myself to some cider, now then was that going to be apple or pear …….


Wolfy said...

WAY too involved for me. I envy people who can dive into a long term project. My biggest project over the summer was replacing a tip on a broken spinning rod. The tip came completely off on the next trip, and I threw the rod in the trash can.


Murphyfish said...

Hey Wolfy, cheers for the comment. If anyone has any 'projects' that they'd like to send my way let me kmow.


Wandering Owl said...

Next project is to add-on to your garage so you can work on two dinghies!

Murphyfish said...

Mmmm not sure that'll get past she who must be obeyed some how! But thanks for the suggestion Owl, keep them coming.